"Ebone' is as passionate of a hustler as they come." Ever since she was a young girl, her dreams were to have several successful businesses under her belt.  

Her first business venture was "Pretty Girl Shirts" (PGS). It was launched while she was matriculating at Tennessee State University, and it was a huge success. It did so well that Pretty Girl Shirts ended up as the design t-shirt for homecoming. 

That business fuelled a fire and ignited her entrepreneurial spirit, that she set out a path to learn more about the world of business.  After graduating undergrad, she decided to pursue Masters in Business Administration. While earning a degree In Entrepreneurship and General Management, she noticed two things: there weren't many African Americans in her classes and there weren't any women of color. 

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Over the years, the double minority experience has stuck with her and inspired her to take her passion, knowledge, and experiences about entrepreneurship to encourage women of color to create their own businesses and to follow their dreams, no matter what.  Ebone' is a firm believer that, "Anything Worth Having Is Worth Fighting For."

After her NaNa died in 2016, she set out to live her best life and follow whatever her heart desired. She began thinking that there had to be more women out there like her, who just wanted to be real and unfiltered about the things that make them sad or happy.  After months of brainstorming and praying to God and to her NaNa, The Professional Homegirl was born. 

The Professional Homegirl is a women’s lifestyle platform that promotes a healthy balance between both personal and professional growth by encouraging our readers to become the best version of themselves. 

Ebone' has now experienced the beautiful feeling of seeing what she prayed for into manifestation.

And, it's only the beginning! 


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