No. 1 Gem We Can Learn From Uncle Luke's Speech at the Bet Hip Hop Awards

I just finished watching the Bet Hip Hop Awards Show and I must say, this has been the best one so far. Uncle Luke received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his influence in the rap industry and his speech was EVERYTHING! After DJ Khalid paid homage to the Miami pioneer, Uncle Luke began his acceptance speech while becoming emotional. "35 years in this business, and ain't nobody ever honor me for shit," Luke said. He talked about his trials and tribulations and how paving the way for other rappers like DJ Khalid, Rick Ross, and many others was challenging but he never gave up.

Throughout his speech, he emphasized the importance of not waiting for anyone to give you validation or approval to do what your heart desires. He talked about how the naysayers tried to belittled his music by saying he was making "booty music" and his fight with the U.S government. Once again, he did not give up. Behind the scenes, his goals were to help young black boys who didn't have a chance to dream big or a fair shot out of life,  which caused him to begin his "philanthropic shit". 

When its all said and done, whether you received the accolades or recognition you deserved, you gotta keep going. Be your own cheerleader. Inspire others to never give up and to always believe in their dreams. Do not be afraid to be yourself because there is only one YOU. If you missed this epic performance, watch it here.

P.S. It's a damn shame we are just now giving him the credit that he truly deserves. Being from the south, I have so many fond memories of dancing to his song and making up routines with my childhood friends. With that being said, if you see a homegirl that inspires you, let her know. By saying thank you or I appreciate you can make such a difference in someone's day.