Some Shit You Can't Touch: Solange at Radio City Hall

Last night was the second sold-out show to Solange’s critically acclaimed album, A Seat At The Table. It was a no-brainer that I had to attend this concert. When this masterpiece first came out a year ago, it was literally the soundtrack of my life at that moment. Every song on this album resonated with me and I literally thought Solange was singing about everything that I was going through within my life. My homegirl and I arrived at Radio City Hall and we decided to get drinks and take a few pictures before we headed to our seats. Our seats were located in the orchestra and I have to admit, our seats were pretty damn good. 

After her three opening acts, Solange and her band took the stage and I was beyond excited. The stage was designed so beautifully with two pyramids, a sphere, and a red light that changed with each song. Her segment gave me a Diana Ross and The Supremes vibe. Starting from the beginning of the album, the crowd sang along with Solange word from word and you couldn’t help but noticed how beautiful she sounded. As she sang, she danced with putting emphasis on dances move and whipping her curly big hair back and forth, making the audience including myself go wild. Solange even gave us a couple twerks throughout her segment. 

solange 1.JPG
solange 2.PNG

Midway through the show, Solange thanked everyone for their continuous support and shared with us some things she learned while on her journey to now. “I was working through some of the trauma that exists as a black woman in this country,” she said. “I needed to put the album out to heal for myself.” One thing that stood out the most to me is when she said that she took her time and did things her way. Hearing Solange speak about the things she encountered along with staying true to herself reassured me that no matter what happens in life, you have to see it through. 

Last night was definitely an experience for everyone that attended and you couldn’t help but feel the black girl magic that Solange exuded throughout her performance. I am looking forward to her next body of art. 

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