The Art of Composure

I've been wanting to write a post on having composure for the longest because composure is so necessary for both personal and professional environments. I have a funny story that I would like to share with you all and I hope that it inspires you to think twice before losing your shit. 

My homegirl and I were heading home after work and we decided to pick up some dinner at Chipotle. Afterwards, we were walking to our train, minding our business and keekeeing about work gossip when the unthinkable happens. This lady bumped into me so hard that she literally almost knocked me into oncoming traffic. Now my reflex game is pretty strong but I have to admit, sis caught me off guard with this one. As I watched her leave without her saying I'm sorry or an excuse me miss or anything, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. 

As my homegirl was trying to pull me back and say Nah Eb lets go, my spirit just wouldn't let me. I followed her into her hotel and waited for her to reappear. Now I do not recommend any of my homegirls doing this, but I really had to say something. Right is right and wrong is wrong. She pushed me so hard that even my friend felt that shit. As soon as I saw her, I had to press her. The conversation went like this:

Me: Miss you didn't see me? You deadass just going to knock me into oncoming traffic?
Lady: I'm so sorry, please I am so sorry (at this point she starts trying to touch my hands)
Me: Nah, you should have that same energy out there when you almost dislocated my shoulder. I could have came in here and beat your ass but I really hope this teaches you a lesson on using your manners because next time you gon bump into the right person. 
Lady: I'm so sorry, I didn't see you. 
Me: Chile you didn't see me?! Well, you damn sure felt me. 

At this point, security was approaching and my homegirl was like it's time to go. Now I know you probably wondering what does this have to do with composure but think about. If I would have reacted and ripped sis head off, things would have gone totally bad from there. Instead, I wanted to get my point across by making sure I wasn't invisible by approaching her and having a conversation about why she didn't say what was expected. I am pretty sure my homegirl thought I was about to go in but cmon, I too old to be fighting and too pretty for jail. This is why having composure is necessary. 

Think about the Jay Z and Solange situation on the elevator. Sis was going in on Jay Z and imagine if, for one second, Jay Z would have lost his shit on her. Could you imagine the damage that could have caused? Whew.  That was the perfect example of keeping your composure right there. 

In life, people will always try you no matter what, especially if you have more to lose than them. Hell, people would try you just because they honestly and truly don't care.  However, it is up to you to think before you react. I could have drag sis by the scalp but instead, I decided to talk to her in my white woman voice (which we all have) and made sure that she understood that the next person she decides to tackle might not be as nice as I was.  Whenever you have a situation that is really testing you, always remember this: HAVE THAT SAME ENERGY LIKE JAY DID. 

If you have stories on how you kept your composure in situations, please share below!