Managing Your Time Isn't For The Weak At Heart Sis

Since I launched The Professional Homegirl, it has been a nonstop hustle and bustle for the kid. Between my job, the blog, and my social life, a girl is tired. However, I do think the only reason why I’m not going batshit crazy is that I’m getting so much better with my time management skills. In order for you to fulfill your dreams, you have to learn how to master the art of time management. I can’t stress the importance of using your time wisely because unfortunately, time is the one thing we can’t get back. Here are some ways I am able to knock everything off my to-do list and still be able to keekee with my homegirls.

1. Stay In Charge Of Your Time- I am definitely that girl that writes my goals and creates a to-do list for every month.  I’m such a visual person so writing down everything I will accomplish (you gotta speak shit into existence) helps me to achieve those goals in a more timely manner. When you are writing your goals down for each month, you will be able to break your goals down and prioritize those goals that will work best for each week in that month. If I know I have a goal that is going to take more of my time to complete it, I would schedule it for the week that I have the least amount to do. Prioritizing is essential when it comes to time management. 

2. When You Are Doing Nothing, You Should Be Doing Something- Right now I’m currently writing this post on the train heading home from work. I live in New York so commuting on the train allows me to work on my goals and my to-do list while heading to work, running errands, and etc.. Those two hours split between going back and forth to work and home allows me to prepare for a call that I might have with one of my accountability partners (to become my accountability partner, click here) or type up a post like I’m doing now. This is a perfect example of how you should be managing your time wisely. Every minute counts.

3. Stay Focus- Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way of getting shit done. If you are trying to meet deadlines, you have to eliminate distractions. Stick to the plan. If one of your homegirls invite you out for dinner and drinks and you are not done with completing your to-do list for that date, SAY NO. Engage only in activities that will support you in achieving your goals at that moment. Time is of the essence sis and there is nothing wrong with being selfish with your time. 

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