Lord knows I love to let out a good cry in the shower every now and then but Tyrese has really outdone himself this past couple of weeks.  Tyrese is no stranger to being annoyingly vocal via social media about his thoughts on topics that don't sit well with him. Between his disagreements with group members in TGT, his beef with The Rock, and now his legal battles over his daughter, I can honestly see why he is having a nervous breakdown literally right before our eyes.  Granted some of this Tyrese could have handled in a different way but hey no one is perfect. 

I definitely know how it feels to have my back against the wall and at times I wanted to give up. However, my followers would have never known this because IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. Unfortunately, nobody cares about what you are going through because the sad truth is we are all going through something. I just don't understand why Tyrese didn't cry to his wife instead of Instagram? You really didn't have anyone else to vent to? Tyrese has invited the world into his business and allows them permission to give their unwanted opinions on a subject that has nothing to do with them. 

 Furthermore crying on Instagram just don't seem real to me. So you mean to tell me that while you were in the midst of crying and having a moment, you had the time to pick up your phone, open up Instagram, and create a video of you crying? Does that make sense to you because it definitely doesn’t to me? I understand that sometimes we just want to vent but Tyrese did it the wrong way. Somebody, please call Ving Rhames character Melvin and tell him to choke some common sense into back into Tyrese. 

I would never have thought that Tyrese would have gone out like this. I can't even sing some of my favorite songs by him anymore because I am forever haunted by his crying face. I understand that life is hard, but I will be damn to let others make me the butt of many jokes. If there is one thing that we can all learn from #prayforTyrese, it is this: cry alone, cry to others, but don't cry on Instagram. 

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