Set Your Intentions High

Dear Homegirl, 

I know at times life can be a bitch and sometimes even questioning God becomes a bad habit, but one thing is for certain you can’t forget to set your intentions high. Sometimes we become so discouraged with everything that is going on in the world that we tend to lose focus on the bigger picture. Despite it all, you gotta believe in your dreams with all of your heart no matter what. Whether you have that loving support system or not, SET YOUR INTENTIONS HIGH. Whether you have the funds to support your dream or not, SET YOUR INTENTIONS HIGH. Whether you live in the hood or in the suburbs, SET YOUR INTENTIONS. Even when you are at your lowest, always remember that you can only go up from where you are at.

One thing that nobody can take from you is your ability to dream. No dream is too big! Dream so big that it literally scares the shit out of others and yourself. I have literally seen people glo'ed up right before my eyes all because they never gave up. If you have a dream, all you need is hard work and consistency! If you haven't noticed yet, the more you hang around me the more you will believe in yourself.

I do not believe that we were put on this Earth to be mediocre. It is time to live your best life you always fantasized about and explore any and every possibility that is available to you. Keep throwing shit at the wall because eventually, something will stick sis. If you can see the invisible, YOU CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE

From One Homegirl to the Next, 


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