NO MORE BAGGAGE! Try My New Favorite Eye Gel!

My biggest obsession right now is under eye creams. I can't stress the importance to all of my homegirls to invest in a good eye cream and to start investing NOW. When I was an Operations Manager for a luxury cosmetic store, I was exposed to so many choices by makeup artists and they explained the benefits of finding the right eye cream to target your needs. This is the reason why I am the advocate for eye creams. 

I am constantly in Sephora either finding new things to incorporate into my beauty/skincare regime or just buying shit that I honestly don't need. One night I was in Sephora and I was looking for a primer for my oily/combination skin and I was recommended Dr. Brandt primer (which I absolutely love but that's another post) and I saw his under eye gel No More Baggage. No More Baggage is an under eye gel that minimizes the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles.

Here are some of the benefits of using this amazing under eye gel No More Baggage:

1. Minimizes the appearance of under bags and puffiness.
2.Decreases dark circles (which is so noticeable in my picture below)
3.This product does not cake, crease, or build up. 
4. You can use this under makeup or alone. 
5.For all skin types. 
6. Lightweight

I posted a picture  below and you can visibly see the difference before and after using No More Baggage. On my left eye, you can definitely see little to no fine lines compared to my right eye. In addition, you can see the difference of the darkness on my left eye, which the product was used on, opposed to my right eye.  

dr b 2.jpg

If you are anything like me, everybody knows when I am exhausted due to my eye area and this gel has been my go-to for very long and annoying days.  If you are constantly on the go and need to look your very best at all times, you should definitely try this product out. Trust me on this one and thank me later! 

What are some of your favorite eye creams and why? Please comment below! 

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