Nah Sis, We At Work

Tis the season for holiday parties and yesterday I attended one for my job. At first, I wasn’t looking forward to going because honestly and truly I wasn’t in the mood, the kid is exhausted. However, I was happy I went and I enjoyed myself with some of my favorite co-workers!

Thankfully it was an open bar and we were served buffet-style dinner (the food was eh) and you bets to believe people were showing their asses off. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely was throwing them back and did a twerk here and there but in a tasteful manner. Here are my three suggestions that I recommend for anyone if they are attending their job’s holiday party.

Work the Room- Whether you want to or not, you have to talk to EVERYBODY. I am damn near hoarse due to making sure that I greeted everyone with a hug, kiss and some keekee. Granted I was happy to see my coworkers but I see these fools damn near every day. Plus, some of us had to work prior to the party so I literally been up at 8 am that morning. So if I can make small talk with everyone and their momma so can you. You don’t ever want someone to say you didn’t speak or you were acting funny because even though you are off the clock you are still at work. Y’all know it’s politics.

gucci 1.JPG

Know Your Limits- Even though it was an open bar that doesn’t mean you can get shit faced drunk. My limit was three maybe four drinks and I stuck to one type of liquor. If you can’t handle your liquor, I do not recommend mixing browns with clear. Lord knows a drunken mind speaks a sober heart and some things are better left unsaid. Remember to drink responsibly!

me and q.PNG

If You Can’t Do It In the Light, Don’t Do It At All-  Now you know once the liquor got into everybody system, people were definitely feeling themselves and shooting their shot. I was seeing people making out and remind you a lot of these people are in fully committed long term relationships. I'm not one judge but things like that need not to happen at your job's party. The last thing you need is rumors to spread around and it getting back to your boss. Don’t let that alcohol gas you up thinking it’s something more than what it really is sis. Trust me you don’t want to be that girl.

Please comment below and share some of your do's and donts for a holiday party at your job!