Focus On Yourself

We are a couple of weeks shy of 2018 and I cannot stress the value of focusing on yourself. Since I started The Professional Homegirl, I knew that I wanted to grow my baby into a huge platform where women will be able to come together and talk shit. I kid I kid lol. Somewhat true but most importantly to spread valuable gems amongst each that will be beneficial in all aspects of a woman's life (ok that sounds better lol). In order for me to fulfill this dream of mine, I have been slowly but surely following these three rules that I think we all can agree on. 

Learn to Say No- I'm so guilty of this! If one of my friends would ask me if I wanted to do something instead of just following my gut and saying no, I’ll say yes. Even though I didn’t have any intentions of wanting to do it. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t want to do something or go somewhere but I did it anyway because I was afraid that I was going to miss out on something.

I came to the realization that it’s okay not to agree to everything. Saying yes to everything also made me aware that I was stretching myself out and my coints very thin. I don’t know about you but I need my 8 hours of sleep and I like to have a certain amount in my bank account. Life will be okay if you decide to stick to your guns and just say no. Trust me, you will not be missing much. Plus, you will get so much of your shit done. 

Make Sacrifices Now and Live the Life You Want Later- I know this topic very well, hell too well. It can be very difficult to see other people going on trips to beautiful countries and buying nice pieces however you can’t let those things make you lose focus on the bigger picture. When it comes to focusing on what matters the most to you, you will have to sacrifice on the things that you want now in order for you to become the woman that you know you will be in the near future.

I told myself that in 2018, I’m willing to sacrifice a lot of shit just to get to the next level because I believe in myself that much and I encourage you to do the same. (Become my Accountability Partner so we can do this together)

Be Your Own Cheerleader- Stop making other girls your #WCW! The ONLY person who will ever get any type of hashtag from me is none other than my big sis Beyonce'. (You knew that was coming) Now don't get me wrong, I’m all about giving people their flowers but what about your flowers? Don't' you want to be acknowledged for something dope?  I think we all get so caught up and making sure we support our fellow peers but what about supporting yourself? That same energy you give to others, give to yourself.

We are living in a time where women are killing it in the entrepreneur world, so why not be apart of it by creating something of your own. Don't talk about it, be about it.