All Sweet, No Bitter: My Last Day At My Job

August 18th is finally here. I never thought that this day would come but it finally did. Today was my last day of feeling overworked and underpaid. Today was the last day of feeling like my words were falling on deaf ears. Today was the day that I can finally say "Bye Felicia" to my draining ass job. I have been with this company for literally a year but it felt like forever. Let's rewind to how I got to this point.

Before I landed this job, I was working as a Concierge Supervisor. That job was super boring and I pretty much did what I wanted. Being the person that I am, I needed to stay busy. I couldn't believe that I was working 40 hours a week to do nothing. Afterwards, I decided that I was frustrated and also needed extra money so I decided to get a part-time job. Now I knew that I needed to be strategic in my next move because I knew it was going to shape my future job in more ways than one (and I was so right).  Luckily for me, my full-time job was located in the Financial District in New York so I was definitely in the right area. The next thing I did is what I knew best, I networked my ass off.

Later on that day I was talking to my homegirl about looking for a part-time job, and she recommends her job. It was a luxury cosmetic boutique that was a hidden gem in New York. I figured this job would be perfect because I could get a discount on my makeup and possibly grow within the company. After meeting with the Director and Store manager, I was hired on the spot. I was so excited. However, I learned a very important lesson to be careful what you wished for. I literally left the kitchen to get right back in the oven. After a few months, a position was created for me and I was promoted from part time to full time as an Operations Manager for the East Coast. Don't get me wrong, I was so proud of this huge accomplishment that I worked hard for, but I was starting to realize that I was not happy.

Months went by and my workload intensified.  I was in charge of all operations for a $900,000 volume store along with helping out on the sales floor when needed. To make matters worse, I was doing all of this by myself. Yes, you read that right, it was a one-woman show.  I guess my frustration was starting to show because I was literally coming to work and shutting down, not speaking to anyone unless necessary. One day my boss pulled me to the side and asked me what was wrong. I told her my concerns and felt like I didn't make the right decision with coming on board as full-time. How was it possible that I was making the same amount of money at my current job from my previous job and was doing absolutely nothing at my previous job? Another lesson that I learned is that you will never get what you are worth but what you are willing to negotiate. My boss looked at me dumbfounded and felt bad for me and brought my lunch that day. I wish I coulda paid a bill with that lunch.

Here comes my aha moment. My Director came to the store and wanted to have a conversation with me on how proud of me she was, my growth, and blah blah blah. As soon as the conversation started I told her I needed more money. I was working damn near 12 hours a day and sometimes 6 days a week. She looked at me with a blank stare and said this to me and I quote, "I worked more hours than I'm supposed to and I am not getting paid the amount that I feel I deserve, but I believe in the vision and that what keeps me going".  When I tell you I gave her the craziest look ever. I literally think my expression screamed Bitch What loud and clear.  At the moment, a light switched went off in my head. If she's not getting what she deserved and been with the company for 8 years, why would she look out for me? It was time for me to hold myself down and not up.

After putting all of my energy, praying and positive vibes into the universe, the kid finally landed her dream job. When I received my offer letter, I cried tears of joy *cues Rick Ross Tears of Joy song*. I was so freaking happy. A huge ass mountain was lifted off my shoulders and I felt free.  I hope this story inspires you to know your worth and to never settle. Finding a new job is not always easy but having a peace of mind is definitely worth it.

P.S. My hating ass Director never reached out to me to say congratulations or anything. That just confirmed what I already knew; people love to see you doing good, but they don't want to see you doing better!