How Training At My Dream Job Inspired Me

This was my first week of training at my dream job and it was a lot to take in. Everyone knows that starting a new job can be very overwhelming and intimidating. There are over 100 people that work for my company so imagine constantly introducing yourself over and over again while being enthusiastic. Now don't get me wrong sis, I am beyond excited for this opportunity but man I am exhausted. Throughout training, we were taught an immense amount of knowledge about the past, present, and future of the brand. I couldn't help but feel inspired by the rich history and the principles that the company was built on. Here are some little reminders that I took from my job's training and paired it up with my own endeavors:

1.     Don't Take Yourself So Serious- Things will not always work according to your plan, which is completely normal. Sometimes you will have to fail a million times at one thing in order for the next thing to work. In the midst of it all, don't beat yourself up. I can't tell you how many times I thought something was going to work out only for it to fall apart. Don't be afraid to try new things. Try any and everything before you feel comfortable with putting your time and money into one project.  In due time, something will stick.

2.     Do What Makes You Happy- There is only one person who knows how to truly make you happy and that's YOU. We all get so caught up in the chaos of the hustle that we forget to take care of ourselves. Do little things here and there to show appreciation for yourself. For me, I love treating myself to manicures and/or pedicures, a body massage, or a new piece of clothing or shoes.

3.     Follow Your Dreams- I always wanted to work for companies that were built off of entrepreneurship. From department stores to boutiques, each one was founded off of a vision.  To see all of these companies I worked for that started off with literally a dollar and a dream and later becoming household names is more than enough motivation. Figure out what your dream is and think outside of the box. Surround yourself with like-minded people or find a job that you admire and become a sponge. Learn as much information as possible.  Whatever you have to do to make your dreams become a reality, DO IT.

I hope this will help you with executing your goals and having fun at the same time. Tell me what are some things that help you stay inspired below.