Relaxing to Trap Music

Tonight I was able to experience Trap Yoga for the first time at Y7 Studio with some fellow brownie members from The Brown Girls Network. Y7 Studio is known as the original hip-hop studio in both New York and Los Angeles. I was so excited for this event because I always wondered how one could relax and do yoga while listening to trap music? As we finished signing in and changing our clothes, we all walked upstairs to start our session. As soon as I stepped in, I could feel the heat against my body. Not only was trap music involved but so was heat. I knew I was in for an intense session. Before you know it, the doors were shut and our instructor Lindsay was ready to begin. She introduced herself and gave us a brief history of the studio along with the techniques that we will be using throughout our one-hour class. I have to admit, the ambiance was very relaxing; candlelit room with surrounding black walls with two rows of girls ready to submit to the universe while hoping Lindsay would play her favorite trap song. Hell, I just knew that Cardi B Bodak Yellow was going to be on the playlist.

Lindsay demonstrated and described multiple techniques that concentrated on balance, deep breathing, and strength. For a beginner, I caught on to some of the terms that she was using throughout the class: downward dog, warrior, and the pigeon pose (my least favorite).  As we started to get into each sequence, 2Chainz Issa Vibe came on. I never felt so relaxed in my life. You woulda thought Trey Songz was in the room singing to me. Lindsay started to speed things up to Missy Elliot Iā€™m Really Hot. Now I love me some Missy Elliot but that beat was starting to kill me. The beat intensified the yoga, which was making me sweat like crazy, which later led me to several breaks. I knew Lindsay was laughing at me because I was laughing at myself. She slowed it back down and played SZA featuring Travis Scott Love Galore while showing us our last technique for the night.

The session was coming to an end and even though I was a hot, sweaty mess, I was very relaxed and clear minded. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone that wants to try out yoga with a twist. To find a studio near you, check out Y7 website at

Let me know if you ever been to a hot yoga class with trap music and if you liked it or not!