Sloane Stephens Reaction To Making $3.7 Million Dollars at the U.S Open Was Classic!

Girl could you imagine someone handing over a $3.7 million dollar check to you and it’s completely yours? Your facial expression would probably be very similar to our girl Sloane Stephens after she won the U.S Open. Once the Chase executive gave the 24 year old the check, she didn’t want anyone else to hold it while saying, “That’s a lot of money, oh my God!.” During the post match press conference, Sloane was asked if winning her first Grand Slam would inspired her to win more. “Of course, girl, did you see that check that that lady handed me? Man, if that doesn’t make you want to play tennis, I don’t know what will!” Hell, even I knew the answer to that dumb ass question.

Due to fractured foot, she received foot surgery in Januray which she missed 11 months of tour but that did not stopped her from bringing in $310,546 in 2017. In August, Sloane was ranked at No. 956 in the world, but after a successful month and the Grand Slam Victory, she will elevate to No. 17.  Before winning the U.S. Open, she was bringing in $4,519, 709. Damn that’s boss especially for a 24 year old.

Following behind the Williams sisters, she is the third American woman to win a grand slam title in 15 years.  I am pretty sure that Sloane wanted to give up after her foot surgery but she didn’t.  As we all know life happens unexpectedly but you can’t give up. You have to trust the process and see it through. Sloane Stephens is the epitome of #blackgirlmagic.