Yasss! I Had Labor Day Weekend Off!

Yassss! I had Labor Day weekend off and it was definitely a treat! My new job has been very overwhelming so I couldn’t wait to have some time to myself as well as spend some time with my loved ones.

The first thing I did was binge watch all of my shows. If you haven’t watched Narcos: Season 3 I suggest you stop what you doing (well after reading this blog of course) and watch it immediately. This season was centered around the demise of The Cali Cartel that was led by the Rodriguez brothers. I have to admit that I didn’t think they would pull off this season without the infamous Pablo Escobar but I was wrong. Honestly and truly, I think this season was more graphic and violent than the last two seasons. My favorite character this season was Pacho Herra. His scenes were the best and in my opinion, he was a charismatic silent killer.

The season finale of Power was up next. Now Power is literally one of my favorite shows ever. I love a good drug dealer storyline (as you can see from Narcos) and 50 Cents (he’s the Executive Producer and stars in the show as Kanan) definitely outdid himself with this one. Power is about the life of James SaintPatrick aka Ghost who wants to escape the world of drug dealing and live as an honest man but he can't seem to part ways with his past lifestyle. This season was beyond explosive and I was pissed when 50 made us wait an extra week to watch the season finale. The cast is currently working on Season 5 and I can not wait to give my commentary on each episode here.

I decided that it was time for me hit the streets with my bestie and try to attempt to do some hoodrat things. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a barbeque to crash so instead, we went to one of our favorite seafood spots, Hot N Juicy Crawfish. Trust me, if you ever want seafood that’s delicious Google them and find the nearest location to you immediately.

Afterwards, we decided to walk The Highline and do what we do best, crack jokes and talk about our upcoming endeavors. I'm so used to working so much that I forgot how it feels to just chill and hang out. In a world of hustle and bustle, it felt good to just do fun things and carve out some time for me. Tell me what you did on your three-day weekend below.

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