Meet Our Professional Homegirl of the Week: Sadayia Smith

1. Social Handles:

  • Personal @slaydayia
  • Business @startingbossy 

2. What do you do?

During my  day job  I teach finance and investments for Fortune 500 companies seeking top of the line employees.  I also teach entrepreneurs how to start their businesses through digital courses, coaching and consulting while starting and sharing small businesses of my own along the way. I like to consider myself a life learner, entrepreneur & economic developer. 


3. What motivates you?

Daily, I'm motivated by the lack of opportunity in my surroundings to people who look like me. Owning a small business allows people, that aren't given the opportunity the chance to increase their income and live a life they design for happiness. In business entrepreneurs  fail through

1. Lack of capital

 2. Lack of knowledge.

I hope someday be able to provide both. 

4. How do you balance between your career, side hustles, and your social life?

I don't believe in work life balance.  I believe in integration. Who I am and what I do for a living is me.  As such my social circle and work counterparts know that & can I authentically be me in all areas of my life. I try to stay on top of everything though planning and automation. There are things you know you have to do for it's best to get those things done and automate as much as you can. Of course there are those things that come up on the fly and again it goes back to integration. I'm writing this from a NYC subway on my way from my day job to get my nails done with a friend.  The little wins count too! 


5.What advice would you give to young women who want to pursue their dreams?

Speaking of little wins, celebrate yourself more often and appreciate your growth. Allow yourself to recognize your small wins and growth because even if you not competing all you hope and plan for until 2am your working towards it and it's further than where you were. It's not uncommon that we would beat ourselves up for not completing our entire 20 page to do list. But was it realistic in the first place? Instead try a top 3 for 5 days straight and be happy with completing 15 things!