The Falicia Blakely Story

My best friend and I just finished watching The Falicia Blakely story and it was heartbreaking but very much so needed. Produced by Tasha Smith, it is a TV One original movie and based on a true story of a young teenage girl who made the wrong choices in life while being under a love spell by her pimp/boyfriend Dino. Once she fell in love with Dino, she was no longer just a stripper, but a murderous prostitute.

One can say why she did all of these things, but honestly, when you don't have love at home, you go searching for it anywhere you can find it. Falicia was barely eighteen when she became a stripper and had a child with someone who she thought loved her. In the movie, there was a scene where she was in the kitchen crying and her mom (portrayed by Tami Roman) noticed her. As soon as I thought she was going to be there for Falicia like any mother would have been, she instantly got distracted from one of her male lovers. Since she didn't have the love from her parents, she later founded the love she thought she needed from Dino.

Dino being an older man manipulated Falicia in every way he could. Not only was he abusive (did y'all see that headbutt scene), but also he would take her hard earn money and spend it on who knows what. Now if I got to be the one turning tricks, I'll be damn to let a man take my money. I'll just have to take that ass whipping. There were times where I felt Falicia knew what she was doing wasn't right, but she couldn't shake that spell he had on her.

I guess all the money he was taking from her wasn't enough because he later turned her into a killer. Now I know nobody can make you do something you don't want to do, but in this case, I honestly believed he did. He knew her weakness, which was lack of love and he took advantage of it. No man should ever refer to his woman as "one of the best hoes " or put her in any harm's way. She killed three men for him, which led her to live in prison without parole. She also found out that she was HIV Positive.

Honestly and truly, no man is pimping me. If I'm going to be selling anything, only I will be benefiting from that. It's just very sad that she didn't have anyone in her life to help her get back on the right track. If you know anyone that is going through a similar situation or just need a little bit of love and guidance, help them out. I am pretty sure if someone had been there for Falicia, her life would have turned out differently.

A Treacherous Hustle- Hitting a Lick for the Love of Pimp- The Falicia Blakely Story will be available here on September 14th. I will definitely be supporting this book and I hope it will reach young girls everywhere like Falicia and inspire them to steer away from this lifestyle. 

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