Happy New Year!

I decided to do things a little differently this year for New Year's Eve and opted to stay at home with two of my girlfriends. Plus, it was brick ass outside and I just couldn't see myself dressing up just to freeze my ass off. Girl Bye. 

Anywho, we cooked a yummy seafood dinner (well they did lol) which included lobsters, crab legs, shrimps, potatoes, corn on the cob, and topped it off with that good Old Bay seasoning. Claw Daddies who? We drank wine and Honey Jack while discussing our goals for 2018. 

For me, 2018 is definitely all about ELEVATION. I had a real moment with myself and I thought about all the things I wanted to change for the better. I guess you could say I created “My New Year’s Resolution” right in the middle of keekeeing and drinking. Now I ‘ve been working on multiple goals that I created for myself, but I think it’s only appropriate if I share a few with you! I am pretty sure you would be able to relate to if not all, maybe a few. 

Taking Care of Ebone’ – I never understood the importance of Self Care until my Nana passed away. I was working two jobs, working on one of my many businesses that failed (Hey, you gotta keep throwing shit against the wall until something sticks) and trying to show face so that people could stop asking me if I was okay. I was literally going non stop until I had a mental break down. 

Now, I’ve gotten so much better at carving out some time for myself but there is still room for growth. I made a promise to myself for 2018 to treat myself to monthly massages and other cute little things that I would enjoy. If you are reading this and this is an area that you need to work on as well, let's do it together (Click here to become my Accountability Partner) 

Save More, Spend Less- I can admit that I’m not the best saver but no more excuses. I have a goal to save a certain amount by June and I am holding myself accountable to do it. I will definitely share my journey on reaching that goal and how having disciple is the most important factor. 

Plus, I received some insight from a Financial Advisor on some very easy steps in creating a budget, managing your credit, and overall, sticking to it. Click here to read more on her advice to young women whose balling on a budget. 

Being Present With My Friends- For the past couple of weeks, I can admit that I haven’t been available to my friends. Granted I’ve been working so hard on my blog and at my job, that I literally shut everybody out from my life. I do understand that every now and then, we all need some time to ourselves but for me, it got to the point that my friends had to come and press me about how I was moving. I was l was literally in my own little bubble. 

Overall, I am such a girl’s girl and I miss being around my homegirls. I made a promise to them and myself to work on strengthening our friendship, creating more bomb ass memories, and having fun. Like Drake said, MORE LIFE, MORE EVERYTHING. 

Coming For Everything That Belongs to Me- I have never felt so good about any of my businesses as much as I do with The Professional Homegirl. So far I was able to reconnect with old friends from Memphis (Yes, I’m from the South and I love Three Six Mafia) and made new friends in Japan, Nigeria, and Italy (hey girl hey!).

Thank you all so much for stopping by and I can guarantee you that this is only the beginning. I look at other women who have inspired me to dream big without fear or doubt and I am beyond thankful for them. I can’t wait for you all to see what I have been cooking and just know, the best is yet to come. 

What are your goals for 2018? Please share below!

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