Do You All Day People?

If there is anything more that irks my entire soul, it is when someone ALL DAY me (you know it's real when the caps come on lol). All day? Not sure what that means. Iigh bet, let me give you an example.

Let's say you are having an event and you listed ALL OF THE DETAILS on your website and on your social media platforms. I can only assume that since you want this event that you been working extremely hard on to be successful that you posted it numerous times on your social media platforms until the day of. 

Now in the midst of your marketing, you are receiving DMs and emails from everyone and their momma asking you every question they can think of. Remind you, everything they are asking you is on your website and IG posts, but that's neither here and there. 

You are a couple days shy of your event but you noticed that the amount of people that were in your DMS/email is not equating to the number of tickets that were sold. You reached out to every person that asked you a question and asked them the question that feels like pulling skin off of someone's teeth," Hey, are you still coming?" Here comes the scoff. Oh, I have to work. Oh, I gotta cut my grass. Oh, I gotta do this. Oh, I gotta do that. Oh, Oh, OH! This is the perfect example of when someone ALL DAY you. 

If you are not able to come, it's okay. Something came up, I completely understand. BUT, what you are not going to do is waste my time with the nonsense. If you are reading this, you are probably either saying "Yassss, sis go awf" or "Damn, tell them why you mad sis". 

I think anybody that invest their time, money, and energy into creating anything for a consumer deserves a little bit more respect and compassion. If you are anything like me, I have a full-time job where I slave for them at least nine hours a day. Afterwards, I come home and work on my business relentlessly because I believe that much in myself. Do you think that someone like myself has the energy to engage in someone all day shenanigans? 

If you are unclear about something, ask a question. However, do not drag it. We as entrepreneurs go through a lot, so the last thing we need is for someone to get our hopes up to only be disappointed in the end. 

Comment below and tell me the last time somebody tried to all day you. 

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