We 're Going to Need More Wine Part 1

I recently launched my book club, The Homegirls Book Club, and the first book on the list was We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union. (click here to attend our next meet up) This book was such an excellent read and it was super relatable. I literally thought I was having a full on-going conversation with Gabrielle as she touched on various issues that I definitely experienced as a child. Plus, I enjoyed her candor, honesty, and transparency that a lot of celebrities won't dare do. Here are some of my favorite moments from Chapters 1-10. If you haven’t read the book, STOP READING THIS for there will be some spoiler alerts. 

Working Twice As Hard Just To Be Consider Equal

Gabrielle talks about her upbringing in Pleasanton, California. One of my favorite parts of Chapter 1 was when her parents gave her the infamous pep talk that all black parents give their children. Just in case you have amnesia I’ll remind you: “You’re gonna have to be bigger, badder, better, just to consider equal. You’re going to have to do twice as much work and you’re not going to get any credit for your accomplishments or for adversity.” Chile if that quote isn't the truth than I don’t know what is. 

Young Gabrielle was so afraid of standing out as the only black girl at her predominantly white school that she became obsessed with fitting in. It was so funny reading this chapter because I felt like I was reading bits and pieces from my own childhood. There’s also a funny story that she told that involves a crack pipe, a limo, and Red Lobster. I'll just end that right there. 


Gabrielle shared losing her virginity and it was hilarious. For many girls, losing your virginity symbolizes that you are officially a woman. I remember losing my virginity to my first love and I was literally thinking, “Oh wow, I’m really having sex.” Well I thought I was thinking it but instead I said it out aloud and it was pretty awkward lol. In addition, she talks about exploring your sexuality as a woman and emphasizing  why every woman should be getting hers if you know what I mean. 

You’re Pretty For A Dark Skin Girl

I remember being in college at our courtyard talking to my homeboy about something and he literally told me not to worry because and I quote, “You’re Pretty For A Dark Skin Girl”.  Yo, the way I looked at him and cursed him out was something serious. Being from the South, I constantly was reminded of “how pretty I was for a dark skin girl” and I couldn’t understand for the life of me what that meant. Was "dark skin girls" not pretty? The sad part about this was I would hear this from my own people. It's sad how colorism still plays a big part in our community and how our very own encourages colorism by saying #teamdarksin vs. #teamlightskin. Shit is annoying.

Perms and Chemical Burns

Gabrielle shared on how she thought if she made her hair straight by using that creamy crack ( perm or relaxer) that she would be more acceptable to what society's definition of beauty was.  I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this story on her cousin giving her a perm because I too understood the importance of making sure you take every burn in to achieve that look you were aiming for. I remember when I was getting a perm and my beautician kept asking me was my scalp burning and I would be like, "Nah, I'm good". Remind you my hair was on fire but like Gabrielle, I had a goal too. The price of beauty is a mother…….

Her Dad was BOLD

Gabrielle’s dad was bold chile. She described the moment when she found out about her father cheating ways and how he even had a separate ATM card for it too. The sad part of this story is Gabrielle’s mom didn’t have any clue about what her husband was doing. Not one. There was incident where Gabrielle’s mom found tickets to a play and let’s just say that I shed a tear for her. He even spelled her name wrong and they been married for almost thirty years. Chileeeee.... 

I don't want to give too much away from the first ten chapters but this book is so good. I have always been a fan of Gabrielle but now I feel like she's my homegirl that I can talk to about any and everything. I will be posting my favorite moments from Chapters 11-20 next week but until then, tell me what are your favorite moments from Chapter 1-10.