Professional Homegirl of the Week is ME!

It’s a new year and I think its only right to introduce myself to all of my new homegirls. Every week I honor different women on my blog and interview them on how they balance between their careers, side hustles, and most importantly, life. 

I told myself that this year I wanted to be more transparent so I thought it would be cute to do some fun facts about myself. I mean you could read my About Me page, but if you want to be nosey, here are 21 fun facts about the kid. 

1. I was originally born in New York, but I was raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Southhhhh Memphisssss! Okay, only my Memphis readers would get that. Lol.

2. I am a die-hard Beyonce’ fan. She can do no wrong in my eyes. NONE!

3. I went to The Tennesee State University where I received my Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration. 
4. I received my Master’s in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and General Management. As you can see I am very passionate about Education. 

5. I love to travel! I’ve been to London, Germany, Jamaica, Thailand, Dubai, Costa Rica, Columbia, and that’s just to name a few. I definitely want to get back into traveling in 2018.  


6. I love old school music. I know literally every old school song that was made. Try me!
7.  My favorite song in the world is All This Love by El Debarge! I loved this song since I was a kid! If I was to ever meet El Debarge and he sings to me, CHILLLLEEEEEE

8. I love flowers. Flowers are so angelic to me. I even thought about becoming a Florist. 
9. My favorite colors are pink, green, and black. 

10. I had several businesses but one of my favorites was The Closet Service. The Closet Service was an online dress rental company where women can rent one of a kind dress for a period of three days. I had customers all over but this type of company was very demanding. 


11. I lost one of my best friends in 2016. My NaNa was my everything. RIP beautiful
12. My favorite candy bar is Kit Kat. Nah seriously. If you buy me a Kit Kat bar, I'll be your friend forever!
13. I am a Barb! I can’t wait to go to another Nicki concert so I can wear my pink wig and a Barbie chain. Lol. Nah I'm dead ass though. 

14. I am such a girl’s girl!! Hence the reason why I started my Accountability Partner Services. I love talking to women about the struggle, their goals, and everything in between.
15. I love skirts and dresses. I started a skirt company called All Feminine and the skirts were too cute. 
16. I love some good trap music! Especially when it's from the south. 

17. I am obsessed with makeup, especially foundations. Read about my favorite foundation for the winter here.

18. I want to get back into reading! I used to read so much as a kid! I finally launched The Homegirls Book Club and if you are in the NYC area, link up at our first meeting. 
19. I want to start collecting black Barbie dolls. I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet but I love Barbie. When I was in college, I did a whole presentation on Barbie. 
20. I really thought I could be the next Tyra Banks growing up. My NaNa paid for my modeling school and everything. She always held me down with my goals.
21. I’m just a girl going after everything my heart desires!

Tell me where you are from and a fact about yourself!