Dear Mama

It moves me to tears thinking of this person and how her passing guided me to become a more secure and confident spiritual person...

My inspiration in life has been many things. But the most profound thing that I continue to reflect on and always refer back to when sharing stories, quotes, ideas, goals, spirituality and/or just self improvement words of hope...guidance...or reflection on life, is my "MOTHER."

My mother was a giving, poised, articulate educator as well as a talented music teacher that always nurtured our young whenever she could. My father fell in love with her singing at a conference for teachers in North Carolina... and as they say the rest was history. Both my parents have been very inspirational to my development and growth. But my mother helped to mold me into the woman I am today.

Everyone is not able to have the gift of a mother who is so giving, understanding and supportive to them as I did... way into my forties.

My mother and I on many levels were like sisters. She was my best friend and she continues to motivate, direct me spiritually with love and guidance through God's blessings. Thank you again Mom for everything.

God bless all women who wear the cap to being a pure nurturing mom...and plant the seeds to developing human beings for a better future for us all.


Written By Leticia C. Hunter