Meet Our Professional Homegirl of the Week: Jillian Bradfield

1. Social Handles (personal and business)


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2. What do you do?

I'm a children's book author! I write books specifically for children that are often under represented. I am a Creative Writing Workshop Instructor as well. This title just kind of came out of no where. I created a journal for preteen/ teen girls and I wanted to be sure the young ladies understood how to use the journal.  What better way to get them to write and express themselves? Conduct a workshop! At the workshop the young ladies are encouraged to talk openly and honestly about the journal topic for the week, then they write, taking as much time as they need to get their thoughts on paper.  There are also coloring pages in the journal for the young ladies to personalize and get as creative as they want.

3. What motivates you?

I am usually motivated by those around me. I make an effort to surround myself with positive people with positive energy. I am also motivated by the fact that I have a lot I want to achieve and I'm no where near done. Realizing that there is work to be done in my life, community, and career, motivates me to keep pushing.

4. How do you balance with your career, side hustles, and your social life?

It is not easy to say the least! Well I know right now my full time job as a Coordinated Entry Specialist is my main source of income, so quite naturally that job comes first. I don't consider writing a side hustle... more like a side passion! I try to spend just as much time and energy with writing and creating new material as I do with my full time job. When I'm done with the 9-5, my part time gig begins. Sometimes I'm up until late at night creating or promoting my work. The balance comes in with the social life part... I don't have one! Well I have a tiny social life but if I'm socializing it's usually in a setting where I can also network. So I'm killing two birds with one stone.

5. What does Professional Homegirl mean to you?

Professional Homegirl means a woman that is about her business but also knows how to have fun. A Professional Homegirl can adapt in any situation. She's cool, educated, with just the right amount of street smarts.

6.What advice would you give to young women that want to pursue their dreams?

My advice is keep going even if it scares you. Even if you have no idea what you're doing, know that the uncertainty is apart of the journey.