Meet My Big Sis!

Can you believe that we are in Week 2 in 2018? Chile time is already moving fast. I have been working on creating better and realistic habits for myself that will help me to accomplish my goals in a timely manner. 2018 will be the year of ABUNDANCE and I am speaking that shit into existence chile. 

I hope that each and every one of my #professionalhomegirls is creating plans that will help them to get closer to their dreams because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

Anywho, I am finally catching up on some of my favorite podcasts and someone who I am obsessed with finally released a new episode! I thought it would only be right that I share with yall someone who I consider "My Big Sis" in my head and her name is Myleik Teele. 

I first discovered Myleik Teele's podcast maybe a year or two ago, and sis was everything I needed and more. Myleik is that homegirl that will keep it BRUTALLY REAL with you no matter what. There have been countless times where I was feeling a way about something and literally without hesitation, Myleik would be there for me every time to help me with her advice by sharing similar stories from her own experiences. 

In her recent episode, Happy New Year 2018! Life Updates, and Questions, Myleik talks about her growth from her early 30's to where she's at now. When she talked about how in earlier days that she was constantly fighting for respect, grinding for her dreams, and even being angry through it all, she never gave up. Chile, if you can't relate to that then neither sis or I is for you. 

Fast forward to now, sis is the owner of Curlbox, an affordable, exclusive and effortless way to explore new natural hair care products that are delivered to your doorsteps. She is currently expecting her first child (Congrats Sis), she is a homeowner, she's in a healthy committed relationship, and last but not least she's in a good space.

Now, the main reason why I am obsessed with Myleik is that after listing all of her accolades that she worked extremely hard for, Myleik admitted that this wasn't always her reality. I appreciate her honesty and her transparency about not always having her shit together and for me, Myleik gives me HOPE. 

How can someone you never met give you hope Ebone'? Let me tell you! Myleik is no stranger to the grind and has had several side hustles to keep her afloat while in "the struggle". Her credit was not always in the green and she wasn't always that disciplined in saving money. However, through constant research and implementing a plan that works for her, her credit score is popping and sis was able to save over 200k. Now that's LIT! 

Myleik has been an advocate for seeking therapy and because of her, I am currently looking for a therapist to help me fight my own demons. In her recent episode, she shares that she is still battling childhood situations and how she felt that she wasn't sure if she ever felt apart of a "family". It's was so crazy hearing someone else say those exact words because I constantly vocalize infinite amount of times about how I never felt I had a family myself. 

I can go on and on about the reasons why I love Myleik, but I think it's only right that you take a listen and get to know her for yourself. Throughout her podcast, she discussed topics that I know almost every woman can relate to and even though sometimes her truth hurts, it is for sure, worth it 

I am a student of #mytaughtyou and Myleik if you ever get a chance to read this, I just simply want to say Thank You! 

What are some of your favorite episodes from Myleik's podcast? Comment below!