Morning Glow!

One of my goals for 2018 is to take better care of my body. However, in order for me to achieve this, I have to start creating better habits which include eating better and working out (which I absolutely hate in thee entire universe). I am really big on my skin and I noticed a huge difference when I first moved to New York from Tennessee. 

I was always known for having pretty chocolate skin without any assistance from makeup and I hardly ever had a pimple unless it was that time of the month. Damn do I miss those days! Six years later, I have dark spots that irk the hell out of me and now I feel like I need a little concealer here and there to even out my complexion. (Picture coming soon....)

I made an appointment with a dermatologist that I heard really amazing things about (I will keep yall posted) but I decided to hold myself accountable on this journey by teaching myself on what will help me to accomplish my skin goals. 

Hence, my new obsession with juicing. I know I'm late in the game, but I didn't realize the many benefits of juicing. It's so funny because my Nana was really big on juicing and that's probably why she had amazing skin. I've been doing some research and decided to try this recipe out that I've found online. 


2 apples
1 orange
4 carrots
½ cucumber, peeled
a thumb-size piece of ginger
½ peeled lemon
water, if needed

If you are a newbie in the game like me, here are some of the reasons why these ingredients are essential in promoting healthy glowing skin.

Cucumber- Not only does cucumber juice improve your complexion but it helps hydrate it as well. The flesh of a cucumber is mostly water but contains vitamin C and caffeic acid. Both are very helpful for skin irritations and can help reduce swelling. If you ever noticed people putting cucumbers over their eyes, this is why. 

Carrots- Carrots will help your skin become even more vibrant and healthy. Carrots include beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is changed into vitamin A inside of your body.  In addition, carrots help with your vision as well. Lord knows I need it because I am blind as hell. 

Ginger- Girls, if you have dark spots like me, ginger can help clear up your complexion while leaving it smooth. In addition, ginger helps with proper digestion and reduce the level of stress. 

Green Apples- Like the good saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Green apples help nourish and whiten the skin. Not only is there an enormous amount of Vitamin C in green apples but they help to create collagen which is essential to the skin. Say bye bye to those wrinkles!

Lemon and Orange- All citrus fruits have high Vitamin C. A glass of lemon can help with detoxing and promoting healthy and beautiful skin. I am literally going to start drinking lemon water daily.

I am going to drink this 3-4 times a week in the morning and I will let you all know the results! So far it has been pretty tasty. My goal is to try a different juice every week and share with you all my favorites! Why pay an arm and a leg for a juice when you can make it at home for little or nothing! 

Comment below and tell me your favorite recipes for juicing so that I can try them out!