Hair Product of the Week: Professional Sebastian Dark Oil

For those of you that didn't know, I've been going to my amazing hairstylist Kaie since August and I am so thankful for her hands. Now before we begin, it's only right that I introduce yall to my girl Kaie aka Born Beautician.

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I thought it would be cool for Kaie and me to give my PHGs honest reviews on the products I've been using to maintain my silk press. BTW, I've been maintaining my silk press for almost two weeks without it reverting back to my curly state and the kid is feeling herself. I am telling you now Kaie's fingers are the truth!

I’ve been natural for years now but this is the first time in forever I’m actually taking care of my hair and wearing it out more. Kaie has been giving me such good advice on maintaining my hair and I see such a huge difference. It's only right I share with yall some of our favorite hair products and first up is Professional Sebastian Dark Oil.

Hi everyone! This is Kaie speaking, well writing lol. I've been using this serum ever since it first came out and I used it on all hair textures. One of the main reasons why I love using Professional Sebastian Dark Oil is because it's lightweight and a little goes a long way. Not only does it moisturizes your hair( not oily at all) but it smells so good. Depending on your hair texture, I would use this serum as the following:

Curly and/or Natural Hair: Part damp hair into sections and apply serum into each section before blow drying. Also good for heat protection.

Relaxed Hair: Dime size for heat protection on damp hair

Now even though this product is a little pricey (click here for the price), it is worth it every penny. Plus if used right, this bottle can last up to two months.

Okay, it's me, Ebone'. Now that you heard from a licensed hair stylist, here is my review on the product. I have to agree with Kaie that it smells so yummy lol. On a serious note, my hair is always soft and shiny and if I must say, I have to give thanks to this serum. I know I keep saying this but I see such a huge difference in my hair and I know for a fact one of the key components is this serum. Even when I take out my protective styles, my hair is so soft and I still can smell the product in my hair.

P.S I used some clip ins from a company that I am trying out and I want to see how long the hair holds up before I give yall my blessings. So stay tuned!

Comment below and tell us if you ever used this serum before and if not what is your go-to serum?