Turn Your Shopping Sprees Into Shopping Sprints

A normal shopping trip for me used to consist of buying everything in BULK-- bad idea. I would always return home with shopping bags filled with clothes that would soon live in my closet until I quietly passed on to the trash.

In the store, everything looks perfect! I would come home feeling excited about my purchases. I'd throw on my new pieces a few times but then they began to look unfamiliar. They looked cheap and outdated. And I would always ask myself “what the hell was I thinking when I bought this?”

So I grew tired of shopping sprees and turned them into shopping sprints. This means that I was only going to shop for things one at a time that would last for a long time. These sprints will usually cost you the same as a spree which can look a little pitiful but it is way more worth it than leaving with $100 of clothes that you can only wear twice. So always be careful when making purchases that are super cheap. Because chances are, you're going to have to buy 10 more of those $5 t-shirts when you could've just spent $20 on that one t-shirt that may last a few years.

In my opinion, it is always best to shop for one or a few items at a time and to really think about your clothing and accessories as individual pieces of art! Also, quality doesn't have to be expensive, try looking in department stores or wait until the holidays for really good sales on the "good stuff." Remember to pace yourself while shopping and pick up only things you absolutely love. In the long run, you’ll be saving money and your closet will be filled with things that you adore and not junk that you despise. Both you and your closet deserve the best of the best, so make sure you fill it with timeless pieces that you can live with forever.


Here’s a slip dress I purchased for $70 bucks from Aritzia which has really great material and will certainly be around for next summer and more years to come. I paired this dress with a Top Shop oversized jacket that I bought for $100. (I bought this jacket 3 years ago, and it still looks great!)

Written by: Abundantly Curly

Queens, New York