Beauty Is Pain

Being a makeup artist is something I connect with beyond a shallow level. I actually enjoy making women feel powerful and beautiful. These fly by night makeup artists just trying to “make it” sorry to say it honey but you just don’t get it. It’s not about trending on social media with a poppin’ tutorial or 1,000+ likes. For me, it’s about giving women a feeling of security and pride even if it's just for one night. I like to think of myself as a Fairy Godmother whose magic wand is a MAC 224. However, there is a dark side to this magical industry.

As I mentioned in my last article (click here), I moved out of Baltimore to New York because I wanted to work in the industry at a different level. I needed a market that still had a spark. I wanted to enter the fashion and film world and I knew that my options in Baltimore for that were limited. While living in New York I worked several jobs up to three at a time. I was hustlin’ do you hear me?! I worked as a waitress, bartender, bottle girl you name it. But I loved it!!! When you live in The City you need jobs, honey. JOBS!!!

I found a fantastic job in the beauty industry at a luxury cosmetics store called mmmm let’s call it Lux Bar. I quit my job at a known skincare place where I was extremely happy but grossly underpaid. I was so happy to begin working at this beautiful store as Senior Beauty Specialist where I know I will meet such powerful and influential women. The manager seemed great. We had a great time during my interview and she agreed to all of my terms…off on Sunday’s, my pay rate, benefits and product discount (as if I needed more shit!) I was living la vida loca! Oh but sis, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

I quickly began to loath Lux Bar despite my quick rise to top seller in the store. The manager was a lying, scandalous, manipulative woman with only her best interest in mind. She literally stole sales from me, like bruh you’re the manager you’re caked up. See we worked on an hourly plus commission base and working there I learned that most of the people in the industry are just like her. They tell you what you want to hear just to get you in the door then they turn on you the second you dare raise your hand and question anything. Since it is not in my character to let someone piss on me and tell me it’s raining, I took my concerns to HR. Mistake No.1 HR is not there to protect the humans but the business. I confided in HR with my concerns about how the store was operated by management and I was told by HR that I wasn't a “good fit”. Literally!

Fast forward to my most recent job where I was lied to and treated like shit. Hmm, let us call them Global Shops. Global Shops is a company that gives you all the things you never knew you needed to buy in an airport. They were “partnered” with a makeup company in airports everywhere. I applied for this job as Retail Manager and accepted it against my better judgment. Mistake No. 2 Follow your gut feeling. I moved back home to Baltimore with this new flossy ass job at the most coveted cosmetics company of all time but AHHH HAAA! I told them I was pregnant and it was the biggest mistake ever.

One of the subordinates used my pregnancy as a way to manipulate my bosses. They foolishly believed him and later promoted him to my position once I was forced to leave. You heard right. I was forced to leave my job because I was pregnant. The Lord works in mysterious ways because he didn’t last a week. SMH. I was told by the entire company including HR that I didn’t have any rights as a pregnant woman and they wouldn’t keep my job nor would they acknowledge the fact that I had to leave work in order to give birth. I was so stressed out that I am positive that this job is the reason why I had my baby four weeks early.

My point is the beauty industry is cutthroat and most of the people don’t value you or your life. Working in the beauty industry made me come to my final realization; Bitch work for yourseeeeeeelf!!!! I realized that only I can and will support myself the way I needed to be supported. That I am the master of my destiny. That I am in charge of my life and that I have the final say in what I will and will not tolerate.

I hope my story encourages you to take that chance. Step out on faith and rely on you and your talents, skills, and passion to take you to the next level. We all want our dream job, right? Whether you find a fantastic company to work for or create the opportunity yourself. Take time to reflect and listen to what God is telling you. Move when he says move and most importantly sis, you got this.


Written By: Yanni

Baltimore, Maryland

Professional Makeup Artist