Museum of Illusions Recap

I had the pleasure of visiting the Museum of Illusions and it was beyond cool. Started off as a unique project, Museum of Illusions became one of the fastest growing educational and entertainment places around the globe. Museum of Illusions offers an interactive, immersive and fun experience for guests of all ages. I was excited to finally experience it for myself and I must admit, some of the illusions had me stressed lol.

The Museum of Illusion is split into three categories: images, installations, and rooms. During my experience there, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was so amazed at how things are not always what they seem at first glance that I literally wanted to try and look at it again from a different angle. Shout out to my girl Sunantha for assisting me throughout the museum. I think she saw the confusion on my face and felt bad for me so thanks boo for helping the kid out.

Check out my pictures and descriptions below to see some of my favorite parts from MOI.

  1. Rotated Room- This one was so cool!

  2. Head On a Platter- Eat Me!

  3. Infinity Room- Who doesn’t love a good infinity room?!

  4. I loved how this picture came out. This picture is so perfect for the saying, “I am my only opponent!”

  5. I love the colors in this room! So pretty!

  6. The Bottomless Pit- This one had me shook!

  7. Anti- Gravity Room- OMG! You can so feel the energy in this! I thought I was going to fall several times.

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Comment below and tell me your favorite part of Museum of Illusions!

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