Changin' Your Game Plan Book Recap

Now if you are not familiar with riding the train in New York City, anything and everything can go on while you're in commute. Either a homeless person is begging you for some food and/or money, a group of kids is dancing, and/or someone is spreading the gospel that Jesus is coming soon and we better straighten up. However, this time around my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting Randy Kearse. Randy was selling his self-published book Changin' Your Game Plan: How I used Incarceration as a Stepping Stone for SUCCESS and I was intrigued by his story that I had to show my support and purchase his book.

I love a good struggle to success story and Randy's story is simply inspirational. Randy completed almost fourteen years on a fifteen-year federal prison sentence. During his incarceration, Randy knew that he had to come up with a game plan if he wanted to survive the real world without any problems. I loved how open Randy was about his poor decision making and how he used prison as a time to reflect on the lessons he learned. Admitting that it was no easy feat to remain positive at all times, it was essential for Randy to share his tools with others that helped him through his incarceration.

Randy keeps it one hundred when it comes to being "a product of your environment". Our community gets so caught up in being hood famous that we are willing to risk it all just to keep up with the joneses. Not only does he talks about the risks that come with being in "the game" but also how it affects your loved ones especially mothers. Ugh, there was one story of an inmate that decided to rob a store while drunk and high, and he did a hit and run. The person died and he returned back to jail only to find out that the person he killed was his own mother. Chile that took me out! Took me clean TF out.

Randy tells the story of millions of incarcerated men and women who don't have the opportunity to share their voice. Randy gives hope to those who don't think there is life after prison. I mean talk about inspiration man. After reading his story, I was truly inspired by his determination to keep going no matter what with my own endeavors. He first published Changin Your Game Plan in 2007 and sold over 75,000 copies hand to hand on the streets of New York City, Baltimore, Virginia, and New Jersey! Now if that's not goals I don't know what is.

Overall, I couldn't be more proud of Randy and his accomplishments. He has inspired me to not give up on my dreams and if you are reading this Randy thank you! We need more men like you in our communities that are willing to share their own stories and provide hope to those who are either heading to prison or currently incarcerated. Randy is the epitome of second chances.

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