Narcos:Mexico Pop Up

Yall I haven't binge-watched a show in a minute but when I heard that Narcos was back, it was only right that I spent my entire Sunday learning about a new cartel, Guadalajara Cartel. Narcos: Mexico is the story of the illegal drug trade in Mexico and this was another great addition to the Narcos franchise. Each season never ceases to amaze me with the storytelling of the history of each drug cartel and every time, I am literally blown away.

After Escobar was killed, I wondered how they were going to keep the momentum going since his character was such a huge part of the show. Then, they introduced the members of Cali Cartel and I was thoroughly impressed. For those of you that didn't know this but I love a good drug dealer's story. Like love! I was invited to the Narcos: Mexico pop up at Pier 26 but unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it due to the snow storm we had. However, I was not passing up the opportunity to visit the next day!

Narcos: Mexico pop up was so cool and I literally felt like an extra from the cast. Before entering the weed maze, you were asked to pick a side; The DEA or The Bad Guys. You know I had to roll with the drug dealers lol. The Weed Maze was made out of fake marijuana leaves and it was just so cool and very creative. Throughout the Weed Maze, there were snippets of what to expect from season one of Narcos: Mexico.

Narcos is one of my favorite shows and I was so excited to visit their pop up. I feel like this season was more ruthless. I don't want to give deets away because I really want you to watch it for yourself. However, if there is one thing that we can take away from this season and it is there is no honor amongst these thieves. Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Seriously! If you never saw an episode of Narcos, I suggest you start watching now! Like girl! Click here to watch Narcos on Netflix.

If you already binge-winged the entire season one like me, let's keke below! What was your favorite part of this season? Comment below!

BTW: Netflix, I have an idea for a show? What a girl gotta do for a meeting? Hell why not shoot my shot! If I don’t, someone else will!