Meet Our Professional Homegirl of the Week: Mary Joyner

1. I know I stated this before but I can't thank you enough for being apart of The Professional Homegirl. I am so excited to introduce my readers to you and I only think its fair that we let the readers know a little more about who you are. Can you share with us more about yourself and some of the things that you are currently working on?

Yes! I’ve got my new single “Talk To Me “ that I wrote, produced by Dj Wes & Stone Paxton and will be available for streaming on all platforms & available to buy on iTunes on November 30th, 2018. I will be also starting my own vlog and continuing my videos on my YouTube channel and for any updates, my fans can follow and check my Twitter and Instagram at @MaryJoynerWorld.

As for 2019 many things are in the works for my mother's foundation Flo-Jo Forever and continuing to honor my mother and finishing all the things that she wanted to accomplish before she passed away. I’ll be working on my EP as well.

2. The Professional Homegirl promotes balance between personal and professional growth while becoming the best version of herself. How do you balance between your personal and professional life?

Well, balancing I think as a mom, it’s in our regimen to stay balanced. I love being a mother, I have a 2-year-old son and he gives me my strength. I also coach gymnastics along with making time for my music, and songwriting helps me with keeping myself able to express & get things out in an art form. My kids & athletes keep me motivated and that’s always helped me remain balanced.

3. Recently, Beyonce' paid homage to your mother, The Iconic-Flo Jo, on Halloween and I can't imagine how you felt when you saw the picture of her looking just like your mother. When you first saw it, what was your first reaction?

I was in shock! I was sleeping and my phone started buzzing and people were telling me Beyonce' was my mom, and I’m like “huh” and then I saw the photo at 4 am and I was half asleep but I cried happy tears. Beyonce' has been an inspiration for me as an entertainer. Recently, I got the chance to see On the Run Tour for the first time in Los Angeles so seeing Beyonce' dressed up like my mom and paying her homage is so amazing. I love that the younger generation who may not know of my mom as well now know who she is. Definitely one of the greatest moments for me. It inspired me to keep going and to really keep my focus and goals for the foundation of Flo-Jo forever.


4. For me, your mother taught me that I should always put my best effort into everything I do and to always be my true authentic self while looking my best doing it. I mean who you know that can wear a full face of makeup with long nails and looked flawless while becoming the fastest woman in the world. What is one lesson that your mother taught you and how do you use that lesson on a daily basis?

I always think of the three words that she said and those are Beliefs, Achieve, and Succeed and as long as you keep thinking positive, telling yourself that you can do it and not listening to anybody else then you will continue to accomplish your goals. She has motivated me in many other ways, just as a mom and being a mom myself and one of the lessons she taught me was being polite and always treat people with kindness. The most important lesson I learned from her is making sure your work ethic and hard work continue no matter where you go in life. She was an amazing woman.

5. What advice would you give to young women that want to pursue their dreams?

The advice that I would give to young girls today is to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and you can do it in your natural beauty, your natural inner self, and auto self-brings beautiful energy and positivity to this world and never compare yourself to anybody or what is happening. Just always be true to yourself and everyday work on being the best person that you can be. Always make sure you have fun in life because life is too short and be kind because you never know what anybody else is going through

6. Last but not least, what does Professional Homegirl mean to you?

I believe that Professional Homegirl means to me is being very professional and classy as a woman but also being down to earth and just being able to speak to anybody especially women and young girls as if they were your closest friend or homegirl. Inspiring each other to be on our professional boss status and remain humble. So that is what professional home girl means to me :)