Sugar and Spice Pop Up Museum

I was invited to the sneak preview of Sugar and Spice Pop Up located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sugar and Spice Pop Up is a magical wonderland completed with all the things one would need for a memorable Christmas: colorful lights, ornaments, presents and much more! I had the pleasure of meeting the owners (they will be PHG of the Week soon, so stay tuned!) when I arrived and they gave me a tour of their enchanting installation. This was their first time doing a full on installation so not only was I proud of them but I was very impressed. Now that's Professional Homegirl at its finest.

There are cute sections located inside of the Sugar and Spice Pop Up and there is no reason for you not to capture some of the cutest holiday pictures. My favorite top three were the cutest walk-in Igloo, the decorated over the top kitchen, and the glow and the dark room. Plus, the holiday music was on point. FYI: I am obsessed with Christmas music. Like obsessed and my boyfriend hates it.

This installation is suitable for all ages and it will definitely prepare you for the holidays. To keep it festive, I decided to wear an ugly Christmas sweater but y’all know I had to keep it cute. LOL. Sugar and Spice will be up for the entire month of Decemeber and I have a present for you! Use code HOMEGIRLTAKE5 to receive five percent off your purchase. For more deets, please click here.

BTW, don't forget to put #theprofessionalhomegirl under your picture so I can see how cute you look.