Meet Our Professional Homegirl of the Week: Kiara Di Paola

1. Social Handles (personal and business)

Instagram: business @newyorkcity4all personal @kiariladyboss

Facebook: NYC4ALL

YouTube: Kiara Di Paola

2. What do you do and what does a day of your work look like?

I create and create! I own an online travel company of walking tours based in NYC, we are specialized in customized walking tours (mainly for Italians) but offer other tourist services as well. I also work as press for my company being a blogger and vlogger, exploring NYC and the world, trying to participate in pop-up stores and new stores openings, creating content about food, entrepreneur women, speakeasy, events, rooftop and travels with a touch of positivity and a lot of colors. I do live my life in colors!

Each day of my life is different and I never get bored since I don't have a set schedule, my schedule changes week to week. I think routine would kill my personality.

3. What motivates you?

The world! There is a whole world to discover, a lot of people to interact and connect with, a lot of people to help, a lot of places to experience.

There is so much to learn. I want to be helpful and try to make this world a better place!

4. How do you balance with your career, side hustles, and your social life?

I don't think I will ever be the girl of the balance. I need to keep moving or I will be lost! I'm always up to something and my creativity won't help me relax. The more I discover, the more I fall in love with the world and I want to keep exploring and doing. It's an endless battle against time.

5. What does Professional Homegirl mean to you?

Someone I could relate to and trust. Someone that knows what she wants, very determined and successful. Kind and respectful.

6. What advice would you give to young women that want to pursue their dreams?

Be humble, be persistent and don't give up. Be yourself and express who you are, don't be the copy of anyone! Expect to fall but don't be scared or lazy to stand up stronger than before. Dreams will only come true if you believe in them and chase them!