Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman’s Playbook for Love and Success Book Recap

I've been hearing so much about Boss Bride that it was time for me to read it for myself. Boss Bride is a playbook for women that empowers women to become intentional in both their personal and professional goals. One of the main reasons why I loved this book is because it encourages women to put the same amount of effort into their relationships with their partners as they do with their careers. Same energy sis. The author Charreah Jackson interviewed over a thousand women (some of our favorites) offering advice and sharing personal stories on why it's essential to having Mr. Right by your side. Plus, I also like the fact that Charreah and other women encourage readers to date around and have fun. Besides, a little excitement never hurt nobody lol.

I automatically knew that I was going to love this book for three reasons:

1. Charreah and I share the same birthday which is February 8th.

2. She is from the south like me! I am from Memphis, Tennessee and she is from Atlanta, Georgia.

3. She shares her own personal stories that literally made me be like WOW. What a survivor. I would give you more deets but I want you to support our fellow Boss Bride aka PHG and purchase her book here.

Most ambitious women are so career driven that they lose focus and time on having let alone maintaining a healthy relationship. When I was younger, all I could think about is being successful in my career and not wanting a man for anything. At that time, I did not want to get married or have kids but instead a popping business with the recognition and coint to go along with it. Oh man, have the times changed. Now I find myself having more conversations with my boyfriend about our future and making sure that everything we do is intentional. I think of numerous ways on how we can achieve our goals individually and collectively and making sure that they are aligned with the bigger picture: Our Future.

I loved how honest each woman was in Boss Brides. Women from all over the world shared their perspectives on love and what it means to them. Some views were traditional and some were not, which I appreciated whether I agreed with it or not. I mean from hyphenated last names, women proposing to men, and whether or not to wear your wedding ring to work literally was eye-opening. However, the moral of the story is do whatever works for you with whoever that makes you happy.

I can't speak for everyone but I must admit that I am thankful for finding my life partner so early in the game. These past couple of months have been extremely stressful for me where I literally had to take some time off to get my mental back right and I couldn't have done it without the help of my boyfriend. I think it takes a really special person to be with you through thin and thinnest and Boss Brides definitely emphasizes that. If you are a determined businesswoman like myself but wanna find that special someone to cook their favorite meal like Oprah does for Stedman, this book is for you!

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