My Much Needed Trip to Chicago!

Every now and then you need to take a break from reality to recharge and that's just what the kid did this past weekend. I decided to visit one of my best friends from Chicago and it was so well needed. Even though we talk every other day, it's nothing like annoying the hell out of your best friend in person. Plus, I haven't been to Chicago in forever and I was looking forward to the change of scenery.

I really wanted to just stay in my best friend's house most of the time and drink wine all day and night, but of course, she had other plans for the kid. One thing I definitely wanted to do was to experience the wndr museum. The wndr museum is an infusion of science and art that reveals the wonder of the natural world around us. Plus, I finally had the chance to see Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Room in person. My friends and I had so much fun and I was glad to experience the wndr museum with them. I also thought it was pretty cool for them to actually see me gather content for my platform and watch how I put everything together. I'm pretty sure they were like this bitch is crazy lol but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. Click here to read my full recap of the wndr museum.

My favorite holiday of the year is Christmas and we decided to hit up Santa's Baby Bar. Santa's Baby Bar is Chicago's newest immersive and over the top holiday interactive experience. Between chilling in the beer hall of the Alpine Village or enjoying a cocktail in the Winter Wonderland, Santa's Baby Bar will definitely get you in the holiday spirits. Chile when I tell you people were in there drunk drunk, I was like please don't step on my J’s. The drinks were pretty tasty and the music was on point. Oh and let's not forget about the decorations! A sight to see! For more deets on Santa's Baby Bar, please click here.

What I loved most about my trip was my much-needed girl time with my best friend. We have been best friends for over ten years and if anybody knows me well, it is definitely her. If you haven't noticed I am such a girl's girl and I love just keekeeing with her about any and everything. In addition, her mom is just the and she can cook like no other. Girl for brunch she made shrimp and grits with gravy topped with edible flowers! Chile... I literally felt like I died and went to heaven. Plus talking to her mom just brings me pure joy! I mean her mom is truly the best to ever do it and she's a real one!

I wanted to share my cute and relaxing weekend with you because it is okay to just do nothing and chill. Granted, I went out here and there but I slept so much on this trip that I was actually excited to get back home and to continue to prepare for a promising 2019. Shameless plug alert but make sure you sign up for Ebone’ Beauty and The PHG Podcast. In order to prepare for the new year, you must:

a. Reflect on everything that you did accomplish and be proud of those moments because it took hard work and dedication to make it happen.

b. Don't sweat those moments that didn't go as planned but be proud that you kept pushing through regardless of the results. As we all know, the hardest part is to keep going.

c. Treat yourself! What's the point of working so hard and creating new goals if you don't acknowledge the fact that you came this far. Girl if you don't toot your own horn, I’ll do it for you.

So if you are planning to finish this year off with a few days to relax and do absolutely nothing, girl do you thang!