MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Reveiw

Back in the day, I was obsessed with MAC Cosmetics. You couldn't keep me out of that store. I was so obsessed with MAC that I did a presentation on the history of MAC in college. Lol, I bullshit you not. MAC was the black girl's go-to makeup and I was here for every single product MAC had to offer. However, over the years, I stopped wearing MAC due to the annoying breakouts that wouldn't let the kid be great. Fast forward to now, I am now obsessed with Pro Longwear Nourishing WaterProof Foundation.

A couple of weeks ago I saw my friend was at work and I had to stop by and say hi to him. I haven't seen Josh in years but he was always my go-to guy when I was purchasing products from MAC back in the day. Even though I had no intentions on buying anything, he insisted that I try out this one particular foundation! Chile when I tried it on, I instantly fell back in love with Mac and my new favorite foundation. Listed below are six reasons why you should try Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.

1. Between creating content and slaving away at a full-time job, your girl is tired! However, with the help of this foundation, I don't look tired at all. This foundation will have your face beat up to 36 hours!

2. It doesn't oxidize so your color will stay true throughout the day. FYI: oxidize means that your color will change throughout the day and we don't want those type of problems.

3. It's water resistant. What does that mean? So let's say you get caught up in the rain and you don't have an umbrella. Your foundation will be somewhat protected from the penetration from the rain however that doesn't mean for you to be outside playing in the rain.

4. This a full coverage foundation/concealer but a little bit goes a long way. You can literally put a dot on each part of your face and it will cover that entire section. BTW, it doesn't feel like you have a full face on either which is a plus in my book.

5. This New York weather can be pretty harsh against the skin but this foundation nourishes and hydrates the skin throughout the day. Plus, it gives a satin finish too which is absolutely beautiful.

6. There are 22 shades! I hate shopping for foundation and they suggest you mix two shades to get the perfect shade. Nah girl, ain't nobody got time for that. BTW, my shade is NC50.

Overall, if you have a long day ahead of you but don't want to look exhausted before it starts, I strongly suggest purchasing this product. For more deets, please click here.