Meet Our Professional Homegirl of the Week: Bianca


1.Social Handles (personal and business)

BLOG @darkskinnedmakeupdaily

BUSINESS @thejumabrand  

PERSONAL @kookyblackgirl

2. What do you do and what does a day of your work looks like?

I’m a digital marketing manager, blogger (@darkskinnedmakeupdaily) and I run my own small online boutique selling jewelry (@thejumabrand)

How well my day goes usually depends on how well I prepare the night before. 

On a good day: 

For @darkskinnedmakeupdaily I often post infographic content , such as makeup tips for WOC, affordable makeup recommendations and skin care advice. The main focus and goal of the content i create is to provide and showcase different options for people of color that are not only accessible but also affordable. That could be foundations for darker skin under $15 or skincare routines for acne prone skin. I have oily skin and Amanda has dry skin so a lot of our individual content is based on our skin types and personal experiences/reviews. This makes coming up with content super easy!

It’s important for me to have these done the night before as researching and creating templates can take some time. Once I’m done creating the posts, I check my business website ( @thejumabrand) for orders and prepare them for shipping out the following day. 

Being well prepared the night before helps my day go smoother and more importantly quicker. All I have to do the next morning before work , is drop off orders at the post office and post content on Instagram .

I’m currently a digital marketing manager for a luxury children’s boutique in Atlanta. I do everything from create marketing reports, web design,  paid ads, design email campaigns, marketing campaigns + more (now you see why being organized is key!). 

On a bad day:

Im ill prepared, panic and sleep all day! Lol


3. What motivates you?

My family motivates me. From a young age i always knew I wanted to give them the world. Seeing how my parents struggled and hustled their way in life made me determined at a young age to do all I could do to repay them for all their sacrifices . Being able to help my family when they need me is my biggest motivation.

For DSMD, hearing positive messages from followers about how much the page has helped them is truly rewarding and motivates me to create more helpful content for people of color that enjoy makeup. 

4. How do you balance with your career, side hustles, and your social life?

The easy answer i was going to write was “I take it one day at a time, some days are easier to multitask than others. It’s all about prioritization and not overworking yourself.” But if I’m honest....It’s a daily struggle, not just physically but mentally. Having a business/blog and dealing with depression and anxiety is HARD. There are often times i want to just hide in my bed and never leave the room but I push through . With such a heavy workload I’m often exhausted but deep down I know my efforts will pay off.  I’m also extremely lucky to have Amanda as a co-admin on DSMD! We both step up when the other needs a mental break, which helps tremendously! 

5. What does Professional Homegirl mean to you?

Dope women breaking glass ceilings & stereotypes!!!

6.What advice would you give to young women that want to pursue their dreams?

Always have a back up plan, be prepared and use your day job to fund your dream. Follow your own path and trust your process. Your dreams may not come as quick as you planned and there may be obstacles along the way but never give up, trust in yourself and don’t compare your journey to others. It’s ok to not have it all, it’s ok to struggle, it’s ok to not know where to begin... trust and believe in the goal.