Well-Read Black Girl Book Recap

Well-Read Black Girl is written by Glory Edim from the infamous Well-Read Black Girl book club. This book is a collection of inspiring stories by black women writers (my favorite story is from Gabourey Sidibe) who emphasize the importance of finding ourselves (black women) in literature. I thought it would be suiting if I told my own love story with literature and how it helped shaped my life for the better.

Every since I could remember, there were always books laying around my NaNa's house. My grandmother was an avid reader and every day it seems like she was reading a new book. Sometimes I would look at her and be like girl what's so good about these books?! Take a break and pay attention to me lol. Eventually, I became curious because that's what kids do and decided to pick up a book myself to read. I mean if reading was good enough for my NaNa, it had to be good enough for me.

One thing about the collection of books that NaNa had that I appreciated was the range of diversity. She read about any and everything from history to murder mysteries. I myself followed her lead and fell in love with Donald Goines writing, (my favorite book from him was Black Girl Lost), was introduced to Aunties Iyanla Vanzant and Maya Angelou, and came to the conclusion that Dennis Rodman was and still is crazy as hell after I read his autobiography. I now understood NaNa's love affair with books because I was beginning to have my own love affair.

Throughout the years my obsession for reading became stronger and I had to feed it. Reading has allowed me to escape my reality and live through so many characters. Reading has motivated me to experience the world and to explore more because there is so much to see. Most importantly, reading has encouraged me to become a better woman by pushing myself to achieve my goals because living your best life is possible and achievable.

My NaNa is no longer here with me but I can't thank her enough for introducing me to her personal library and encouraging me to read everything in sight. It was a point in my life where I became too busy to pick up a book and once I finally came back to my senses, the little girl in me smiled. I definitely recommend reading Well-Read Black Girl as it bought back so many memories of me reading and just wanting to be just like my NaNa.

To purchase your copy of Well-Read Black Girl, please click here. Comment below and tell me when you first fell in love with reading.

Sidenote: Thank you Glory for the amazing lists of books to read while reading Well-Read Black Girl. I am so excited to read some classics!

BTW, who remember Fly Girl and The Coldest Winter Ever? Such good classics!

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