NYC Winter Lantern Festival Recap

Listen I have never been to Staten Island and nor did I have any intentions to go because it's so far from the rest of New York City. However, I will visit NYC Winter Lantern Festival every single day if I could. Seven acres of land is filled with 40 LED lantern installations along with live performances, a food truck, and an on-site gift shop. As soon as I arrived at the festival, I was at a lost for words. Y'all think I am exaggerating but it is really a must see.

The festival includes the following exhibits: a beautiful Wonderland, Panda Paradise, The Animal Kingdom, a breathtaking Sea World, a Holiday Zone that will get you in the spirits, and of course the must-see Chinese Lights. Each installation was just so beautiful and it made me feel like a little princess in some magical world. I couldn't believe that all of this is located on Staten Island. No seriously, no disrespect to Staten Islanders but I was very impressed with this festival.

If you are looking for something to do that's different yet memorable with either your friends, family and/or boo, I strongly recommend you visit NYC Winter Lantern Festival. If you are not familiar with Staten Island like me, here are some tips that will help you out with your trip. Thank the kid later for this one.

1. Dress Warm! Make sure you are warm and all bundle up. Granted I had my big momma coat on (check out the pictures below) but I wish I had gloves on and a hat. The festival is outside and you are going to want to take a lot of pictures so make sure you are prepared because it will be cold once you go.

2. Make sure your phone is charged! Chile, I do not understand why my phone wouldn't let me be great but my phone literally died on me. Thankfully my boyfriend had both of his phones and I was able to capture some really good pictures. Chile could you imagine if I came all the way out there and didn't have access to a phone?! Whew. Shout out to my boyfriend for holding it down!

3. If you are taking the Staten Island Ferry, as soon as you get off, there is a shuttle bus that will take you to the festival and it will bring you back to the ferry. I think this will be extremely helpful to those that are not familiar with Staten Island. If you can't find the shuttle bus, just ask someone and they will point you in the right direction. This will be way better than taking the bus.

4. The NYC Winter Lantern Festival is open Wednesday-Sunday from 5 pm- 10 pm.

I hope my tips help you out and I strongly suggest you go visit before it's too late. For more deets and to purchase your tickets, please click here.