Beauty Product of the Week: Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry

Beauty Product of the Week goes to Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry. I don't know about yall but I remember as a kid going to the beauty supply store in my neighborhood and picking up a blow dryer that looks like it was good. How can you tell if something is good by looking at? Chile I have no clue lol. Oh my how the times have changed lol. I noticed that everytime Kaie blow dried my hair, it literally took her no time to have my hair dried and straighten. I was so impressed with this blow dryer that it's only right to make it this week's beauty product! Now since I was raised with manners, imma let Kaie go first to tell yall why she loves this product!

Hey guys! It's Kaie here! I'm going to try my best not to get so technical with the terminology here but this blow dryer is no joke. The reason why Ebone's hair is able to dry quickly is due to tourmaline. Tourmaline ions dry hair quickly and gently from the inside out. In addition, it reduces frizz and adds shine to the hair. So instead of constantly putting so much heat on your hair because it is still wet, you can literally be done blow drying your hair within fifteen minutes give or take. The aesthetics of the Neuro Dry is on point too! It is designed flat so that the dryer can sit upright, a protective rubber coating, and LED display that shows heat and power settings. I can go on and on about this product because this is what hair stylist do but to spare yall, this is really a great product to have in your hair care regime.

Oh wow, Kaie! Should I even give my review lol. Honestly and truly, this blow dryer is the truth. I mean Kaie is very efficient when it comes to servicing her clients, but with this blow dryer, it is really that good. I have been natural for some time now and my hair is extremely thick so anything that can help with the maintenance of my hair with little to no damage is a winner in my book. I also feel like this product plays a major part in how long my silk press outs last. My silk outs last for almost two weeks before I am back in Kaie's chair and I think it's essential to have all the right products from the beginning to end. To learn more about Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry, please click here.

I am always asked who does my hair and I give all the praises to Kaie. To book Kaie for your next appointment, please click here. Don't forget to use code PHG10 to receive 10% off your first appointment.