I Just Wanna Feed My Baby

Let me start out by saying I am not here to shame anyone who does not breastfeed. I repeat I AM NOT HERE TO SHAME ANYONE WHO DOES NOT BREASTFEED! I am here, however, to discuss the stress, taboo factor, and to share my experience about breastfeeding. It can be numerous reasons why women chose not to breastfeed such as you are not producing enough milk to feed your baby or your baby sometimes won't latch on. Let my mama tell it I was a baby that was hungry all of the time and my mama was willing to feed me anywhere if needed. So, I like many other late 80’s and early 90’s babies were a Similac baby. Now there’s nothing wrong with feeding your child formula. My son Levi was a preemie and the doctor recommended to feed him formula to help with getting his weight up. I have learned that you have to do what's best for you as a mom and your baby.

While you’re pregnant, your uterus protects your baby from all of the awful nasty disgusting things in this world, but once you pop that shorty out boo, here comes germ city. Your breastmilk protects your little one from a ton of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Even if you choose not to vaccinate or selectively vaccinate like my boyfriend and I did, then this is especially important. I admit we struggled at first. When Levi was born, we had to use a nipple shield for a while and still occasionally do. A nipple shield is a plastic nipple cover that mimics the shape of your actual nipple to make latching easier. Let me tell you this little boy bites. Like bite bite! I have suffered from nipple bleeding, cracked nipples and the endless scratching and slapping of my boob from my baby. So, the nipple shield is the way to go a lot of the time. But to keep it 100… at 3 am I’m not thinking about a nipple shield. My mind is on let me feed my baby so he can stop wildin’ me out.

I don’t however, understand moms that don’t breastfeed because of sexual connotations. In my opinion, that’s selfish and a bit ignorant. I had a mom tell me “I like my boobs touched during sex so I’m not breastfeeding nobody.” Not shaming just don’t understand. To be quite honest, after I popped out my baby, sex was the last thing on my mind. Theoretically speaking we hold these men to our teets and nurse them back to life on a daily basis. So why is it so taboo for a woman to literally do the same for her baby. Why is it that people automatically sexualize something that is so natural and essential for a newborn baby?

It’s like when you’re sitting at a restaurant chomping down on a steak and I can see it rolling around in your mouth from across the room. I don’t wanna see that but I don’t make it my business to tell you to close your mouth either. People look at breastfeeding still after all these centuries as something that shouldn’t be done publicly. Listen if Levi was screaming in the store and I found a bench somewhere best believe I’m feeding my baby. I’m not thinking about the comfort and the options of others. I’m thinking about how to calm, feed, and nurture my baby. Let’s be clear, I’m not just whipping my boob out. I use a cover but so what if I didn’t? Who gon’ check me boo?

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Written By: Yanni

Baltimore, Maryland

Professional Makeup Artist