wnder museum review!

For the weekend I decided to come to The Chi to visit one of my best friends and while I was here, we went to the wnder museum. I mean it's only right that I experience it for myself and to give yall my honest feedback right? Now yall know I love a good museum and I have to admit that the wnder museum was so cool. The theme is art and science with 19 experiences crafted by different contributing artists. Plus, I was excited to finally see the infamous Infinity Room by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Ugh so fucking cool yall.

There were definitely some very cool things to see but one of my favorite rooms was the Dancing Room. I wish I knew the correct names for each room but as for now, my assumptions will have to do. The whole time my friends and I were dancing, the dance floor was changing colors with our movement. It made me so happy that I had to throw in a little twerk one time. In addition, I've been to a lot of installations this past year and I never have seen anything like this room before. Another favorite of mine was the Dream Room. It was so gloomy and pretty and the colors were so perfect. I know you're probably thinking how can something be so gloomy and pretty at the same time, but you have to see it for yourself. I loved how each glass wall had a quote on them and my favorite quote was from our favorite auntie in our head, Erykah Badu. A picture of the quote is provided in the gallery below.

Overall, the wnder museum is a must see for all of my Chicago readers. I was amazed and intrigued by the wnder museum by their creativity and thought behind each installation. Plus the staff was super friendly which is sometimes rare at these type of events. Check out my pictures below and for more information on the wnder museum, please click here.