I Did Acupuncture for the First Time!

This year I am all about self-care. I will admit that I didn't take care of myself as often as I should have in the past but I am definitely changing that in 2018. As one of my birthday's presents to myself, I decided to treat myself to a session of acupuncture. Acupuncture is a holistic health treatment from the Chinese tradition and it is used for pain relief and other conditions. The first thing I did was google the top ten acupuncture places in NYC. I decided to go with the first option on the list after reading many great reviews about this doctor and I was very satisfied with his bedside manner. 

As I walked into his office I was greeted by his assistant who spoke little English. Honestly, I was happy she didn’t speak my native because I didn’t have the energy for small talk. I hate when I go into a doctor's office and they wanna kee kee about absolutely nothing. Anywho, the smell in the office reminded me of my Nana‘s kitchen, filled with the aromas of different herbs and that made me smiled and feel at ease. 

The doctor called my name and even though I was excited to do my first acupuncture, I was nervous as hell. I guess I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect and I hate needles. He sat me down in a room where he asked several questions about why I wanted to try acupuncture. One of the questions he asked that completely caught me off guard was what day was I on my cycle. Remind you I was on my menstrual and I was like how did he know. He caught me so off guard that we both had to laugh at my reaction. 

One of my reasons for wanting to do acupuncture is that I always feel stressed out and that I can feel the stress in my shoulders and lower back. He listened attentively and explained to me that in addition to doing acupuncture regularly that I should also work on my posture. I thought I had good posture but obviously not lol.

As I laid on my stomach he told me that he will insert 12 needles into the top layer of my skin. As he was doing it, I only felt two of them and it felt like a little pinch. Afterwards, he attached a machine that is used for electro-acupuncture.  Electro-acupuncture is the application of pulsating electric currents to the acupuncture needles that is located on the body. When combined, electro- acupuncture is proven to promote the blood flow, relieve pain, and warm the muscles. Here are some more reasons to try Electro-acupuncture: 

  • Treatment for neurological diseases
  • Chronic Pain
  • Spasms
  • Paralysis

At first, I didn't feel anything but afterward, I was like oh shit I feel it. It felt like my back was vibrating lol. The doctor asked me about the intensity level which was tolerable and he told me to relax and take a nap and he will return in thirty minutes. Unfortunately, I just had coffee so I definitely wasn't sleepy. The pulsation felt like an electric wave that was rushing through my body. It felt so good and my back even felt like it was beginning to loosen up. Finally, my doctor came back and removed all of the needles asking me how did I like my first time doing acupuncture. He recommended for me to come back twice a month and for me to try cupping (I'll try this on my next visit. Wish me luck!). 

I must say that its been a week since my visit and my back has never felt better. My shoulders feel much lighter and my back doesn't feel as heavy as before. Plus, I have been sleeping much better which was another problem I was having.  Please take into consideration that everyone experiences are different and it might not work out for you. However, I do recommend that you give it a try because acupuncture surely helped me with removing this mountain I was feeling on my shoulders. 

Comment below and share some other self-care practices you like to do to help relieve stress!