Guap Juice

Last week the good Lord bless the people of New York City with some 70-degree weather. Chile when I tell you people were outside BBQing lol, hell even I had to put some shorts on and go for a nice long walk in my neighborhood. I decided to stop at my local grocery store and make a juice that will be refreshing and suitable for this 70-degree weather. Plus, I was listening to @Saweetie song  Icy Wifey and my favorite verse is and I quote,"Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Get Guap." As you could see, I was inspired by my new favorite song and the beautiful weather. Listed below are the ingredients for Guap Juice:

1 Cucumber
Handful of Kiwi
1 Green Apple
Handful of Mint Leaves
Thumb Size Ginger 

If you didn't know, kiwi is an excellent resource to use as a laxative while promoting a healthy glow to your skin. Kiwi is enriched in skin-friendly vitamins such as C and E and antioxidants. Even though no skin was used, it has been stated that eating the skin of a kiwi is even more nutritious and you get triple the number of vitamins in it. See how the kid teaches you something new every day. 

This has been my favorite juice so far! Between the taste of kiwi and ginger, Guap Juice has a nice little kick to it. Comment below and let me know your thoughts on Guap Juice!