5 Ways to Overcome Fear

Fear has an unusual way of making you realize that there is more out there for you in the world than you thought. Don’t get me wrong, fear can definitely have a twisted way of putting ideas in your head that can possibly work but it can also make you believe that those goals are not attainable. Fear is somewhat like pain; it lets you know that you're alive but you have to utilize that feeling of fear and turn it into drive.

There have been numerous of times when I saw great opportunities and I thought to myself, “ Why would they hire me? I only have this amount of experience."This is when you have to hold yourself up and not down. When you receive certain visions or opportunities, that’s the universe sending you signals to go for it. Do not give into fear. I repeat DO NOT GIVE INTO FEAR. How would you ever know what you are capable of doing if you do not try? I know, I know who wants to fail but failure is apart of winning. To me, failure makes me want to go even harder for my goals. The same amount of energy you have when it comes to you not achieving your goals should be the same amount of energy towards actually accomplishing your goals. 

You ever told someone your dreams and they responded that’s not going to work or give it up. Sounds pretty harsh right but it's some people's reality. Fear projectors can come in various forms: your parents, siblings, best friends, or even boyfriend/girlfriend. Perfect Example. One of my friends had the thought of going to a prestigious medical school. She didn’t want to stay near home because she felt like her surroundings were keeping her stagnant. Being very excited, she told her father and he was not supportive at all. Instead of giving her encouragement, he did the complete opposite. What makes you think they are going to accept you? If it didn’t work for me, what would make you think it will work for you? 

When she told me that, I was like damn, what a fear projector. She started to second guess herself and took even longer to apply to medical schools. This is why you should protect your dreams. People will project their own fears onto you and next thing you know, they will become your fears. Who wants a new set of fears on top of the ones you already have? I know I don’t. 

Be very selective with you who share your dreams with. I am pretty sure her father probably didn’t mean it the way it came out but its too late. You see in his mind he was thinking that he will be protecting her from disappointment if she's not accepted into her dream school so he wanted her to stay local, which he thought her chances would be better. However, he projected the fear onto her that she wasn’t good enough to apply so why even bother, which resulted in her starting even longer to begin the application process. 

However, when someone doubts you, go even harder. Make them believe in you by your actions. Put that work in. If you can see and feel the invisible, you can do the impossible. Listed below are some ways to overcome fear:

5 Ways to Overcome Fear

1. Adopt a growth mindset. Always remember that just because it didn't work out the first time doesn't mean it won't work out the second time. It just means you have more information to use for the next time. 
2. Talk to one of your homegirls about your fears. Don't be embarrassed. 
3. Get inspired on a daily basis by surrounding yourself around positive shit. 
4. Speak only what you seek until you see what you speak. 
5. Breathe! Trust me, it will all work out in the end

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