The Autobiography of Gucci Mane Recap

Chile when I tell you The Autobiography of Gucci Mane book was EVERYTHANG! I read this book in three days and I kinda want to read it again. Gucci Mane was very transparent with sharing stories about his life and I felt like he didn't hold anything back. I like the fact that as I was reading his book that it felt as if I was having a conversation with an uncle. Being from the south myself, I appreciated his candor throughout the book so much. I promise yall I won't give too much away in my recap but this book was definitely worth reading. 

Childhood Makes or Breaks Your Adulthood

I always say that your childhood makes or breaks your adulthood. I love how Gucci Mane didn't hold back about his upbringing because you really can learn a lot from one's childhood. During the beginning of the book, Gucci Mane talks about his childhood and his relationship with his family. He talks about his father, the original Gucci Mane, and the things he learned from his father whether they were good or bad and how he used them both to his advantage.

He reveals the reasons on why they moved from Alabama to Atlanta and literally being dirt poor. He shared a story that I could relate to growing up as a kid and that was coming back to school from Christmas break and not wearing any new clothes. I cracked up reading this because I too remember not having anything new and I was like, "Oh Hell Nah, I gotta find me a little hustle". 

In addition, you will also understand the significance of 1017 and why it means so much to him hence the date for his marriage, the name of his record label, and so on. 

His Battle with Drugs

Another reason why I love this book is that Gucci Mane kept it so real about his ongoing battle with drugs. He started off selling drugs at a very young age around twelve or thirteen. He didn't have an interest in doing drugs and once he did, it started off with smoking weed. Eventually, he was later introduced to lean, pills and the rest was history. 

Throughout the book, he joked about his "pot belly" and how women still wanted to have sex with him. which I thought was hilarious. I remember just like everyone else who saw him after recently coming home from jail and the amount of weight he lost and how good he looked. There were even rumors of Gucci Mane having a clone too because he looked so different. This was definitely the start of his glow up!

The Music Industry

While reading this book, it kinda gave me a nostalgic vibe as it made me walked down my own memory lane. In the beginning of Gucci Mane's career, I was a freshman at The Tennessee State University. Gucci Mane shared a story about remaking Dem Franchize Boys song, In My White Tee, into In My Black Tee and I literally, remember dancing my little ass off at a party to both songs. Gucci discusses his relationships with Waka Flaka Flame, Young Jeezy, TI, Nicki Minaj, Future, Young Thug and the list goes on and on. There's a messy story that Gucci tells when he first met Nicki Minaj and how she felt about his choice on having Lil Kim on his song, Freaky Girl. I was like spill the tea Gucci!

In the drug game, Gucci was grimy and ruthless and was a by any means necessary type of nigga but he wasn't like that in the music industry. At first, he wasn't taking his rap career seriously until he realized how good he was and the reaction from others once they heard his music. Plus, so many people were idolizing him and even more so now which is why people would say he is the Father of Trap Music.

I also loved how he put on for other artists. There have been numerous times when people don't want to admit when someone else is doing something cool because they are too insecure that it will take away from their own light. So either they downplay it or simply just hate on it. Not Gucci Mane. He is as real as they come and always made sure to put on for those that he believed in. 

Honestly, after reading this book, I really don't think he gets enough credit for his contribution to the industry. Hell, I felt like he even reminded me of his legacy. Gucci Mane is the epitome of how one can change and how we shouldn't give up on people. I am pretty sure it was hell dealing with him, but we all got demons and some are fortunate enough to deal with them up close before its too late. 

There's this saying that his father always told him and I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you: If you keep lookin' back, you gon' trip going forward!