Cookie Johnson's Believing in Magic Recap

I have to admit that before I read Cookie Johnson's book I didn’t know much about her except she is the wife of Earvin Magic Johnson. However, if you are like me I love reading people stories and how they overcame adversity and this book was nothing short of it. I strongly recommend to all women to read this book and learn more about the power of a praying woman that is the human form of love and strength, Cookie Johnson herself. 

Cookie took us down memory lane and shared how she and Earvin met during their collegiate years. Reading about being college sweethearts made me reminisce about my first love and how nothing else mattered at the time but our own relationship. I’m no basketball fanatic so I didn’t know that Earvin was "the man" even in high school. I know for sure that any woman that attended college could relate to her stories of dating a popular guy even more so a basketball player, especially one that everyone knew was getting drafted. Earvin was annoying like all men especially at that age, but like the good old saying goes, the heart wants what the heart wants.

There are so many stories that Cookie shared throughout her book but of course, the one that everyone wanted to know more about was when she discovered Earvin was HIV positive. He told her while she was eight months pregnant and she had to wait ten days to receive her results. I know most women would have been like oh hell nah and bounce, but not Cookie. Instead, she took Earvin by the hand and they prayed to God relentlessly to get through this difficult time together. It' so crazy because not only did she talked about her feelings during the beginning of their new life with the virus but she also shed light on Earvin's feelings at that moment. 

I can't lie the more she talked about their journey and Earvin being the face of HIV, it really made me think of how society treats people. During that time, people labeled HIV as a homosexual disease and couldn't understand how a heterosexual man contracted the virus. I love the fact how Earvin wanted to become the face of HIV for heterosexual men and wanted to encourage people, especially within his community the importance of getting tested. 

Meanwhile, Earvin's depression from retiring from basketball got worse, leaving Auntie Cookie the glue that kept her family together. This lady strength was unbelievable. Not only did she helped Earvin through a difficult time, but she was a new mom. She also talks about her son Ej being gay and her daughter Elisa being adopted. I don't know where Cookie found the strength to see it through but wherever she found it at, please let me know auntie. 

What I love most about Cookie is she didn't give up. There have numerous times where she could have been like eff this shit but instead, she prayed her way through. She didn't run from any of her problems but instead tackle them head-on. In addition, she had her own jean company that took off immediately and did really well that Oprah even cosign on them. Y'all know I love a good entrepreneurship story. This part was such a good gem to read about. Plus she started the business with her own money! Okurr!

If you ever need a book that will help you look at things differently, this book is a go to. I am so happy that I read Auntie Cookie's book and I suggest that all of my #professionalhomegirls do the same.

The one thing that I took from this book is God gives his toughest battles to his strongest solders. Always remember that when times get hard and remember to pray and see it through!

Comment below and tell me what was your favorite part of the book.