My Thoughts on Roxanne Roxanne

Last night I decided to watch Roxanne Roxanne on Netflix and it was both insightful and heartfelt at the same time. As I am watching her story, I was utterly disgusted at the men that were in her life. Yo, throughout the entire movie I literally kept saying, niggas ain't shit. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in my heart that good men do exist but chile not in this movie. Let me start with the BS that broke my heart while watching this Netflix special. 

"Don't Ever Wait On A Motherfucker" - Roxanne Shante' Mom

It all started when her mom busted her ass to save up $20,000 to move her family from the projects to a nicer home. Back then, $20,000 was like a million dollars so I knew she had to bust her ass extremely hard and sacrifice a lot to save that amount up. She surprised her boyfriend with the money reassuring him that she saved up the money and that they could finally move into their future home. 

Unfortunately, this nigga took the money y'all and vanish into thin air as if his name was Casper. Her mom couldn't believe it and honestly, I couldn't either. I mean I could but I just didn't want to. Disappointment is the worst feeling in the world and when yall see the looks on her children face, even I had to shed a tear. This was the beginning of Shante' mom developing a drinking problem and Shante' feeling the need to support her family by any means necessary. 

BTW, Nia Long killed her role as Shante's mom. She shed light on what single mothers have to go through on a daily basis in order to keep food on the table and a roof over her babies head. Granted she developed a drinking problem due to stress and depression but she honestly did the best she could with what she had at the moment. 

"The Champ is Here"- Ranita, Shante's Homegirl

Roxanne was out-rapping men twice her age in the neighborhoods of Queens. As she was going to do her mother's laundry, Marley Marl wanted her to freestyle and next thing you know "Roxanne Revenge" was born. Remind yall she was only fourteen! Roxanne Revenge took off and it was everywhere in the streets of New York. Plus, either you wanted to be Roxanne or Roxanne's man. 

"You A Nasty Motherfucker" - Shante's Mom

Now I know this is not unusual for a young girl to want to date an older guy BUT Cross was clearly a grown ass man. It disgusted me to the core to see this grown ass man manipulated a young Shante' but this is the reality of older men preying on young women. The even more sickening part is that nobody tried to stop it. It's like they just gave Shante' to him. Plus, Cross was so abusive towards her that when she finally left him, the nigga wanted $10,000 from her if she wanted her son back. Chile when she went to her lawyer to draft up some paperwork to finalize the agreement, his exact words were: You people never cease to amaze me. Even I had to LOL on that one. 

To be honest, I felt like this story was more than a tale of a female rapper. Roxanne Roxanne is the story of what most African American women living in the projects deals with constantly on a daily basis. This movie definitely hit home for me as I could relate to a lot of situations that Shante' had to deal with. Hell, I feel like she dealt with more as a teenager than most will ever deal with in their entire lives. Even though I wished the ending could have been a little different, I really enjoyed watching it. 

P.S. There is a cute cameo from my baby daddy, Nas, when he was younger in the movie. 

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