I Attended The International Beauty Show!

I won all-access passes to the International Beauty Show New York from Temptu. Click here to read about my love for Temptu.  If you are not familiar with IBS, it is the longest running beauty show showcasing over five hundred top beauty brands in the industry and over one hundred and fifty educational seminars on topics that will surely elevate your business to the next level. I was so excited to know that I was going and was even more excited to get some goodies for a very very cheap price. 


I always wanted to attend IBS and I knew I was going to be in for a treat. There were literally businesses everywhere ranging from hair products, lash extensions, makeup utensils and more. I always knew that the beauty industry was a billion dollar company but chile IBS really opened my eyes up to new possibilities and opportunities. If you know me, you already know I am thinking of ways on how to get a piece of that billion dollars.

I wasn't able to attend any of the educational courses but I was able to sit in on a few classes that were offered during the exhibit. Just seeing business owners on stage and living out their dreams was so inspirational that my creative juices were overflowing. I got a couple of goodies from brands I've been wanting to try along with networking with a couple of giants in the industry. I can't wait to try some of my goodies from Morphe and Inglot. I will keep yall updated with a post. Click here to follow me on IG.

Overall, I am so happy that I finally got a chance to attend IBS and if you are in the beauty industry you should definitely attend this event. 

Here's a gem I want to share with you all: NETWORK ACROSS. I spoke about the importance of networking with those that are in the same position as you instead of trying to be remembered by the owners/presidents. I met my friend Larissa while working at the cosmetic store and she transferred from another store. Being that New York can be extremely intimidating, I thought it was only right to show her around and help her become familiarized with her new surroundings. We became friends and even though we don't see each other as often, we checked in with each other to catch up. 

Fast forward to now, she is now a brand representative for Temptu and she recommended that I should win the contest and BOOM! I hope that this gem inspires you to build genuine relationships with those that are in the same position as you because you never know who will be holding you down with an opportunity of a lifetime.

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